Thursday, September 05, 2013

Because You Asked

Optimistic Existentialist asked me a question:  What's your absolute favorite song of all-time?

Truth is, I can't possibly answer this question.  Music is too evocative and intrinsically connected with my moods.  On any given day, within any given hour, even within a few minutes, I would have a different answer depending on where I am and what I need in that moment.

It sounds like a cop-out, I know.  So rather than try to avoid the question, I'm going to side-step it by offering an off-hand answer.  I have told my loved ones that I really do not want a funeral or a wake but I understand the power of ritual and that there are times when we need to do things to help our own healing.  If they should need some ceremony of some sort, I asked that certain songs be played.  And just to make it more confusing, these are all covers or variations rather than the original.

This song is probably more cheerful than one would expect to hear at such a "sad" occasion but it feels apropos to me.  (In my defense, Rob wants Lust for Life played at his funeral so at least I'm being a little less rambunctious.)

This song is supposed to be a love song, I know, but it expresses the love I feel for my family members as much as anyone else.  And I do like Tori Amos' cover.

I don't know how I could think about a funeral for me without including this song.  In fact, if no other song were played, this one would suffice. On a loop.  Over and over.  Just this song.  I love some of the covers I've heard.  I used to say I love them all but then there are some artists who have since come out with covers on youtube that just don't do the song justice so maybe no covers.

Anyway, I know that I didn't actually answer The Question asked but I don't know if I could even choose my favorite piece of classical music or my favorite Irving Berlin song or my favorite song sung by Fiona Apple.  And if I can't narrow down even when I've narrowed down my possible choices, how could I possibly choose the one of all the possibilities?

I hope that this was a fair compromise to an impossible task.  If not, I hope I can be forgiven for not following through to the letter.  :)


  1. It is a hard question to answer but I must say I loved your choices. Dave Matthews rocks. I hadn't heard that Tori Amos version before.

    1. Yeah he does. I figure if I were to start playing only DMB one day I could go three or four days without actually repeating any of my cds, my collection is so large! However, it makes putting my music on shuffle rather ridiculous because every other song ends up being DMB. Prolific to say the least.

      And I'm glad you don't begrudge my not offering a straight answer to your direct question.