Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Itinerary Day Eleven

Our last full day in New York City.  

A ride on the Staten Island Ferry seems in order given one other thing Rob really wants to do.  However, my mother also had one more thing she wants to do so Rob will be taking the ferry without me.

File:NY Ground Zero IMG 2028.JPG

Rob wants to go to Ground Zero.  I do not.  So it's just as well that he will be touring a bit of the southernmost parts of Manhattan while I have lunch with my mother and her friend Cathy at Nice Matin.  (Yes, I'll have had lunch there with my step-sister as well.  Trying to keep things easy people.)

File:Empire state building USA.jpg

He also wants to see the Empire State Building so he may choose to do that instead.  Either way, he will get to explore the city on his own for a little bit.  He may really enjoy the opportunity to do some snooping about without having to worry about how I'm feeling.

Last but not least, we'll be having dinner with Love at McAleer's Pub.  Not our first choice but we chose a place that we thought Love would enjoy.

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