Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Itinerary Day Four

I am writing these Itinerary posts before we leave for our trip.  Of course, plans often go awry but I thought it would be fun to post what we plan on doing and, when we return, share what we actually did. This will be our fullest day, I suspect, unless the weather is not cooperative.

File:Grand Central Terminal Lobby.jpg

Because this is our honeymoon and a gift from my mother and step-father (how else could we pay for all of this?), we are under orders to not spend the entire trip socializing.  Don't tell them but we will be socializing a bit today.  Rob's Uncle Kelly and his husband Michael will be coming into the city to play with us.  So first stop:  Grand Central Station.

Rob's Catholicism is showing because he insists on seeing St Patrick's Cathedral.  I don't know if we'll light any candles or anything but we have enough respect for tradition to time things so that we will not intrude on any of the morning masses.

File:St Thomas Church of Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street.JPG

Just a few blocks over, however, is one of my favorite churches so we'll be making a stop there as well.

Then we'll stroll around Chinatown, do a lot of window-shopping, perhaps buy some gifts or grab a bite to eat.  I haven't been in over 25 years. I have only a vague clue what to expect, so much changes, but some things don't change with the same urgency.

File:USA san gennaro feast NY.jpg

Rob and his uncles will then head to the Feast of San Genarro (and Rob better come back with a cannoli for me!) while I head back to the hotel.

Nice Matin

I am going to have a late lunch with my step-sister, Janice, at Nice Matin or in the hotel room, depending on how we are feeling.  She won't be able to hang out too late because she's leaving for a trip of her own that evening but having a late lunch will be wonderful, just us girls.

I'm hoping that Rob and his uncles will return to the hotel so we can hang out for a bit more as well but, if they cannot, I will understand.  I have a feeling we'll all be pretty exhausted by then anyway.

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