Friday, September 20, 2013

Itinerary Day Six

After yesterday's trip to the zoo (assuming the weather was cooperative), we're back to looking at art over on the west side.

File:Frick collection.jpg

We'll be going to the Frick Collection first.  It small enough to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.  And there is a music room I know Rob will want to explore.

File:Guggenheim museum esterno.JPG

Just a few blocks north and we'll go to the Guggenheim Museum.  They have a café where Rob and I can have a bite to eat.  Sandwiches, water, perhaps a coffee.  Depending on how we're feeling, we may then walk a little further north so I can show him where I used to live.  We can catch the cross-town bus from there and take a bus south to our hotel or catch a cab.  Or we may just head back to the hotel after going to two museums.  I've warned Rob New York is a walking city.  I don't know how seriously he is taking my warning.  I'l have to tell you how it went when we return.

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