Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Itinerary Day Three

I am writing these Itinerary posts before we leave for our trip.  Of course, plans often go awry but I thought it would be fun to post what we plan on doing and, when we return, share what we actually did. We won't be doing too much today but it will still be a lot!

File:American Museum of Natural History New York City.jpg

Our hotel is right across the street from the Museum of Natural History and we have a late night planned so it makes sense to go somewhere close to the hotel.  Close enough to take an afternoon nap before heading out for dinner.

We'll have dinner here at Café Edison because this particular diner is a classic spot, one of the few old school restaurants left from the early Broadway days.  And Rob wants a hot pastrami sandwich.  Who knows what I'll order but I hear the cheese blintzes are worth trying.  Yummmmm . . .

After dinner, we'll walk from the restaurant to the Ambassador Theater where we'll be seeing Chicago. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

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