Monday, September 16, 2013

Itinerary Day Two

I am writing these Itinerary posts before we leave for our trip.  Of course, plans often go awry but I thought it would be fun to post what we plan on doing and, when we return, share what we actually did.  This will be our first full day in the city so we have lots planned.  

File:Metropolitan Museum of Art.jpg

Our first museum trip must begin with my favorite:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We'll have to travel through Central Park to get there but it'll be worth it.  Hopefully, we'll arrive early and get to enjoy the museum before it gets too crowded.

After the museum, we'll walk around the neighborhood near our hotel a bit.  We'll walk past my middle school (which is no longer IS 44) and over to Zabar's where we'll buy some cheese and such for our room.  Then we'll back to our hotel, doing a little window shopping along the way, I'm sure.

That night, we'll have dinner at Scaletta Ristorante with my mother, my step-father, my step-sister, and her husband.


  1. Wow the Metropolitan Museum of Art looks beautiful!!

    1. It is beautiful. They have everything from ancient artifacts to contemporary art, from paintings to statues to furniture. It's all under one roof but it's too much to try to see in one day.