Monday, October 07, 2013

Honeymoon Day Nine

This is the day we headed down to Greenwich Village because Rob wanted to have lobster and my mother wanted to take us to a place recommended by Janice and Bill.  The restaurant was on Union Square and there were things I wanted to show Rob from my childhood, the best time of my childhood life.

We went by the Chelsea Hotel but the exterior was being renovated (remember, this is a common theme in our trip and, at this point, the surprise was gone) so Rob could only take a decent picture from across the street.

We then walked down the brownstone with the tiny apartment where I spent the three happiest years of my childhood.  My Aunt Frances and cousins Noah and Andrew lived right up the street and I was within walking distance of my school.

Rob was pretty excited about this clock tower, unaware that this was the library I remember most vividly from my childhood.  By this time, we had already seen and passed my grade school (PS 41) where Rob took no pictures (and I had forgotten my camera so I couldn't).

I wanted to go inside the library but Rob did not.  So we continued our sojourn.

We headed to Washington Square Park where Rob didn't take any pictures because, as it turns out, he accidentally had his phone set to video.  So here's a picture he took of Batman instead.  (Life-sized things, another theme in our NY experience, as you can see.)

Electric Lady Studios, where I had hoped to get Rob a tour but since nobody responded to anything I figured something is better than nothing.  Rob must have agreed because he took a photo (and you can see him in the reflection).

Afterwards, I asked Rob what he wanted to do, what he might want to see, and do you know what he said?  "Let's go shopping."  And that's what we did, walking in and out of random stores.  You see, Rob had lost a coin he carried just before our trip, one with a Celtic knot on it, and he was hoping to replace it on our trip.  Long story short, we did not find anything that he liked in Greenwich Village.

We found our way to the Strand Bookstore where I thought he might find an old book he would like.  He kept saying he wanted one but we had found none in spite of our best efforts. While at the store, my mother called saying she was at the restaurant a little (by about half an hour) early.  Rob and I headed over but we were there before her.  How was this possible?  There was a market full of fresh fruits and vegetables right across the street in Union Square so she was doing a little shopping.

We had a lovely lunch during which we exuded over our entire experience.  I ordered a sea bass and had something with pumpkin for dessert (pumpkin crème brulee--how could I resist?) while my mother had something outrageously phallic (banana ice cream tower).

In the car heading back to the hotel, Rob asked my mother how she met my father and I finally learned that story.  It only took 51 years for me to hear it. I also learned about how she met John Cazale and some other stories.  Rob and I didn't do anything the rest of the day, except walk around the neighborhood near the hotel and relax.

Not quite as full a day as we had been having but full enough, don't you agree?


  1. Replies
    1. When I think of the neighborhood I grew up in, I always think of Greenwich Village although I really only lived there for about three years. My happiest memories are here. My mother, on the other hand, says she was never as unhappy as she was when we were living here.

  2. I guess it comes down to where each of you were in your life's journey!

    1. Yes. Very much so. I was young, doing well in school, and had many friends. She, on the other hand, was a single mother trying to hold things together and scared for herself and for me, I suspect.