Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Someday My Husband Will Join Me

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This is the week, even the day, Rob says he’ll start exercising.  He’s one of those “Someday People.”  You know the type.  They plan to start working out on Monday or the first of the month or talk about joining a gym for the new year because this time they’re serious. 

And Rob usually is.  When he gives me a day he’ll do something, it gets done. 

I, on the other hand, am a “Tomorrow or Else” person.  I don’t beat myself up for dropping a ball one day but I’ll be damned if I don’t pick It up the next day.  Or try to anyway.  After all, at the rate I keep hurting myself, it gets harder and harder to pick things up again.

So the week before last I had the problem with my knee and this past week I jammed my thumb so badly that I couldn’t hold things, not even Snowdoll’s leash.   Do you know how hard it is to do bicep curls when you can’t hold things? 

I’m injury free and today’s the day Rob said he would start working out.  I’ve put off any strength training until today. For one thing, it forced me to let myself heal. For another, I didn’t want to go into exercising together with sore muscles.  I was still doing my morning yoga and I was still walking Snowdoll so it’s not like I was doing nothing.  I simply wasn’t doing everything.

But today is the day.  Or so Rob says.  Either way, I have my lifting gloves ready and I’ll be doing what I want and need to do to feel as fit as I can be. 


  1. Working out with your husband can be fun. Good luck.

  2. Exciting stuff that today is the day. Carpe Diem!!!