Sunday, October 06, 2013

Weekly Update (aka Post-Honeymoon Post)

If you’ve been trying to keep up with my blog posts then you know what my week has been full of my writing.  Naturally, being home also means doing loads of laundry, running errands, and trying to get back into the rhythm of normal life.

We’re going to need a lot of good luck.

Joe & Co came over one day so we could give Bibi her gifts—a marionette dragon and a charm bracelet.  We also brought home some Venetian cookies (aka rainbow cookies).  Another day, Rob gave Shira back her suitcase along with some more cookies.  We had to ship packages to Philadelphia, PA and Frankfort, KY.  We had to buy cards, look at Halloween costumes, buy me a new pair of sneakers (don’t ask), and more. 

Never a dull moment?  Hardly worth writing about, but definitely an active week.  So did anything worth writing about happen this week. 


About five years ago Rob bought a tent on ebay and we’ve talked about possibly going camping but we’ve never really made a decision to do so.  As Bibi gets older though, we find ourselves talking about taking her camping.  Rather than leap into the deep end of the pool, however, we decided to try something closer to home.  How close?  Our back yard. 

Brianna came over Thursday night because there was no school the next day.  We cooked hot dogs over an open fire and roasted marshmallows too.  Brianna and I made up ghost stories, pretending to be scared.  (She’s a great little actress.)  We saw the fireflies come out and then watched the bats flit about.  (One in particular came as low as our fig tree, and we could clearly see the shape of the wing, especially as it swooped down over our tent.  We even had some sparklers and had the fun of watching them in the dark. 

When it was bedtime, I joined Brianna in the tent, ready for her to fall asleep but she was not able to relax.  The sound of the cicadas made it hard for her to feel safe and fall asleep.  So we got up and joined Rob by the fire which was slowly dying out.  We talked for a little while before heading back to the tent, this time with Snowdoll and Rob joining us.

After getting up too early nearly every day while on our honeymoon, sometimes even waking up around 3am, I knew that Bibi would probably wake up and find me gone.  I showed her how I had zipped the mosquito net shut and had her unzip it and to show both me and herself she could do it.  I explained that, when she woke up, if I was not in the tent with her, all she had to do was unzip the net and come into the house.  We had a battery operated lantern that she also knew how to turn on and off.  Now, I knew she would wake up when it was light enough but I was playing it safe. 

Truth be told, we didn’t expect her to make it through the night.  So you can imagine my surprise when, around 6:30am, which is obviously waaaaay past my usual wake-up time, I woke up and Bibi was still there, sound asleep. And I was still more surprised when Snowdoll refused to follow me out of the tent.  I made myself some coffee and was slowly waking up when Bibi came into the house, all smiles and happiness. 

And she can’t wait for our next backyard campout.   We want to give it one more try before we venture out into a real campsite.  Now that we know how to put the tent up and that Bibi will sleep through the night, we want to work out a few more kinks.  Then we’ll start thinking about whisking her off for an overnight or weekend camping trip.  The best part of all?  Bibi’s enthusiasm.  We truly had no clue how things would go but she was enjoying it every step of the way, even when she was exhibiting some fear about the bugs and spiders and such.  Really, can you blame her?  


  1. Fun! We camped in the yard several times before trying it for real. It's a great way to boost confidence. We even made breakfast over a camp stove until we came up with something we liked.

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Joy, Thank you! I hadn't thought about breakfast. We'll definitely have to do breakfast and such on our next back yard adventure, just to be sure we have our bases covered.

  2. I am so happy she got to experience this. I think it is going to be a very fond memory that she can look back on when she is older.

    1. Erin, I really hope we can create more memories like this. Rob and I are talking about other things we want to do with her. We had a great time.