Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Update With Links

Oops, I did it again.  Remember earlier this year when I kicked my finger and lost the use of my left hand for a while?  Well, this week, while I was making the bed, I jammed my thumb into the wall.  It wasn’t until the next day I realized that my wrist had some inflammation and only then because I felt a surprising pain when I tried to grasp something.


It kept me from being as productive as I’d hoped to be but it didn’t stop me altogether.  I’ve been participating in a memoir writing challenge.  So far there are six pieces I’ve put up and, to be honest, sometimes just typing them out was all I could manage because of my stupid wrist.

I’m not sure what the connection is but I managed to forget to post some of my blog posts, even some of my honeymoon ones, because of my stupid wrist.  There are twelve posts about my honeymoon, not including the intended itinerary from which we strayed nearly as soon as we landed.

But my wrist wasn’t the only thing that happened this week.  Erin, our daughter-in-law, had a birthday.  She’s now 26 celebrated her official birthday with her family.  We will celebrate birthdays on the 25th.  I ordered gifts for the boys but I already have a pile of things for Erin in a closet.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  I can hardly wait.  There was some bad news for Erin this week so it’s good she had a reason to be happy, a birthday to celebrate, to keep her from focusing too much on the disappointment and her anxiety. 

Zombie Hunter Work Shirt
Yes, this is Rob's costume.
He's a Zombie Hunter. 
And Rob and I bought the lamest Halloween costumes ever because we have a party to go to.  Then we were invited to a second party for the same day, one with a Mardi Gras theme so our lame costumes now have a new layer of weirdness.  We’ll be adding masks and beads to what we’re wearing to the one party and, since the costume party is closer to our home, we’ll go to the Mardi Gras one first.   

When was the last time you heard me write about Rob and my going to a party?  Ages right?  Yep.  It’s been a while.  Typically Rob has to work Halloween weekend so we stopped dressing up for Halloween but this year all that’s changed.

Walking Dead Zombie Bait Adult Womens T-Shirt
And I am going to be zombie bait.
Seriously lame.
In our defense, we will also be
wearing wigs.
I promise I’ll let someone take my picture but don’t get too excited.  We seriously bought some lame costumes. 

And we went to a library book sale where I bought books books and more books.  I could have bought still more books but Rob had hit his limit before I did and, although he was willing to let me stay there without him, I was not inclined to do so.  (I’ll be sure to mark any relevant book reviews accordingly in my book review blog but don’t expect much.  Most of what I bought was for Bibi.)

Not the most exciting week but one full of writing through the pain.  It shouldn’t be so hard to make a bed without injuring one’s self to the point of losing a fingernail but clearly I’m exceptional.  I’m accepting this as further evidence of my being ill designed for domesticity.  It’s a wonder I am married, come to think of it.

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