Sunday, December 29, 2013

And Yes, My Finger Must Be Feeling Better

This is the time of year I usually pause to reflect on the previous year, assess the vagaries of what worked and what did not, with an eye to making changes for my future hoping to improve my experience next year. 

For the first time, I prefer to just look forward.  Maybe Holly’s to blame.  She broke the tree today.  Instead of having the quiet afternoon I had hoped to enjoy, I was caught up with packing up the ornaments, putting away the figurines and such.  Normally we leave these things up longer but it doesn’t make sense to fight the inevitable.  We can either make ourselves miserable, trying to keep on top of her or we can focus on housebreaking her, keeping her from eating whatever strikes her fancy, and such.

I make it sound so miserable but it’s like an adventure.  She saw the broom in our kitchen and decided to carry it to the other room.  She chewed up one of my slippers.  She tried to run off with:  a Grinch plush, a neatly folded gift back, and a pillow.  She even pounced one of the dangling ornaments, which is how she broke the tree.   

Truth is, she fits right in.  Snowdoll gets along with her, playing with her, trying to get her to play tug-of-war with a toy.  There is some jealousy but Snowdoll hasn’t done more than rumble a bit when one of us is loving on her and Holly comes over to check out what is going on.  But that’s as far as it’s gone.  Holly should be worm free in a couple of weeks and we can once again push to find her a new home.  By then we may have her housebroken too.  No doubt, being a healthy puppy and knowing to go “outside” will go a long way to making someone fall in love with her because she is definitely easy to love.

Yes, even when she’s knocking over trees. 

One of the things I’ve decided to do for myself is to stop trying to make my life fit.  I’ve tried so many resources to make myself a bit more organized.  I’ve used printed planners but they aren’t quite right.  There seem to be two kinds out there:  ones for the busy mom-on-the-go with shopping lists and places to put in all the children’s activities; and ones for people who have regular employment and need to plan their day out hour-by-hour.  I don’t need to keep track of various schedules nor do I have to track my day each and every hour. 

I do need a to-do list so I tried online tools.  It made sense.  Rob uses online tools all of the time.  He syncs his calendars, emails, and whatever else but that still never seems to work for me.  I simply don’t think to use the technology and become frustrated when something essential falls through the cracks because I’m not in the habit of referring to the interwebz to organize my life.  And I never seem to make it a habit, no matter how much I try to commit myself to the idea of making it work.

So I revert back to paper.  That’s the plan for 2014, anyway.  And rather than try to fit myself to someone else’s design for my life is to design something that works for me.  Furthermore, I’ll be creating something that more “all purpose” where I’ll not only keep my to-do list and my plans for the week but where I’ll track my food and exercise, what I read and watch, write my morning pages, and do whatever other things I want or think I want to do in one place, on three-ring binder.  Too often before I would have different parts of my life in different places—a notebook for one thing, a notepad for another, a planner for still another.  It doesn’t work for me. 

I have a good feeling about this and I’m likely going to talk more about all of this in the coming weeks and months as I fine tune a system that works for me. 

Do you have any goals or intentions for your new year?  I'd love to hear them.


  1. First, let me say that I admire what you do for Holly, no matter how difficult and frustrating it is sometimes.
    And as to planners, printed ones never fit... I always buy the one without dates even, and then do everything my way. It took me several years to find it, and I'm so happy it works for me that even though I now also use Google calendar, my paper planner is the main one!

    1. Ekaterina, I have dividers and such to separate the different elements of my life but I think having it all in a single binder is going to be a huge difference for me. Keeping my to-do list, my diet/exercise tracking, my daily/weekly/monthly goals all in one place will hopefully result in my feeling more pulled together altogether.

  2. I hope you find what works for you in the new year Satia. I usually do a few reading challenges as well as a few cross stitch challenges. Not this new year though. I am commiting only to listening to my body, soul and mind in the new year, and working on my 37 things list. I hope keeping it simple will work for me and allow me to not tie my pleasures in life to success or failure depending how much I keep up with some list.

    1. Listening to your body, soul, and mind sounds like a perfect way to approach the new year.