Tuesday, January 07, 2014

From the Physical to the Philosophical--A Weekly Update

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Finally, I risked a little exercise. 

Since Holly joined our home, things have been disrupted and trying to get her to fall into our routine, such as it is, has been a challenge.  I didn’t dare try to do my morning yoga while I needed to watch her in case she decided to have an accident when she couldn’t get my attention to go outside.  And although we have taken her out for a walk, I wasn’t sure she would be patient with me if I tried to do one of my walking DVDs. 

But yesterday I felt she had been here long enough for me to take a chance.  After all, if Holly is ever going to get used to our daily routine then we have to get back into the habit ourselves.  She was wonderful.  She seemed to follow Snowdoll’s example by lying where she could watch the silly human bouncing around while still staying out of the way.

And I’ve been doing abs in the down time between our first morning walk outside and her getting up for the day.  I’ll risk more in a week, easing us both into the newness of things.  I’m appalled and surprised by how quickly I feel I’ve lost muscle mass and cardio conditioning just because the past few weeks have been chaotic.

I also implemented the dietary changes yesterday.  We had a delayed New Year’s Eve dinner (Rob was working and then we took turns being sick.)  I didn’t see any point in trying to change our menu for the sake of my new nutritional goals.  I can’t say much about my progress where that’s concerned at this point because I obviously haven’t been doing it for very long but I’m patting myself on the back for at least beginning.

The goal for this week is to simply continue doing a walking DVD every day so that Holly gets used to the idea that sometimes I will turn on the television and do strange things in front of it.  Maybe next week I’ll try to use my yoga mat.  Or maybe I’ll just wait another week.  Regardless, things are falling into place.  Maybe it didn’t all magically happen on the first day of the New Year but I did say that part of my focus for this year would be on Acceptance.  Accepting that Holly is not ready for me to block out an hour or more for exercising is part of this because we accepted Holly into our home, into our hearts, and that is all a part of the whole of our lives at this time.


  1. Sounds like she is beginning to adjust well. I can't wait to read all about her incorporation into your home!