Friday, January 31, 2014

January Wrap-Up

I started the new year with a lot of goals but Holly has had other ideas for me and we’re still taking baby steps.  I promised myself that I would look at things at the end of each month to assess where I am and how I feel about things.  I had some positive surprises that may have mixed things up in unexpected ways but made my month interesting.

Boot Camp & The Firm Medicine Ball Kit

The first significant surprise was the opportunity to participate in a free, online boot camp.  I may have started a few days late, but I’ve exercised consistently every day since being given access.  And without injury!  For those of you who know me, that is remarkable!  I have even managed to lose weight.   Then, I received The Firm Zip Trainer Medicine BallKit.  Naturally, I was eager to try it right away.  However, I am committed to the No Excuses Boot Camp which is why I held off breaking out the new fitness toys.  I’ll be using it today and tomorrow with plans to blog about it on Tuesday.  Yay!

Edited a Manuscript

A friend told me that her sister has a manuscript that’s ready for publication and only needed to be proofread.  Enter yours truly.  I spent two weeks copy editing and proofreading the manuscript, taking copious notes.  When all was said and done, I left over 1900 comments in a manuscript that is just over 24K words.  Can you imagine?  I hope the author isn’t overwhelmed, let alone discouraged.  I encouraged her to create a blog and some of the suggestions I made for the book lend themselves to being a foundation for her going out and leading workshops or seminars.

But What About The Book?

I can’t believe I misplaced The Mindfulness Path for Self-CompassionActually, I did not misplace it.  Holly had knocked it off a table and it was tucked behind some furniture I could not immediately see it.  When it finally turned up, I had missed an entire week of reading and there was simply no way I could catch up to finish by month’s end.  It simply wasn’t worth it.  I’ll be starting Walden, Civil Disobedience and Other Writings with the new month.  If you want to join me in my monthly reading, let me know.  I’ll try not to lose my book this time.  If I think I’ve misplaced it, I’ll be sure to look behind the obvious pieces of furniture, assuming Holly has once again knocked it over.   Promise!  (Don't forget to check out the "Read Along With Me in 2014" page for future choices.)

Planner Limping Along

I haven’t quite become comfortable with using my planner.  Oddly enough, I’ve been making use of an online resource that is actually working for me.  I can’t even say why this is so.  Someone on g+ mentioned so I checked it out.  So far, I’ve been keeping up with my daily tasks, to-do list, and creating healthy, positive habits.   But I’m not taking full use of the website.  Apparently there are quests.  I could be participating with groups.  I just haven’t been motivated to make use of all the bells and whistles of the idea.  I wish I could figure out what about it works for me. 

As for my paper-planner, it’s still a hit-or-miss.  I said it would probably do just that—set it up and tweak it as I go along.  For instance, I knew I didn’t need an entire page to track my daily activities so I printed out a double page weekly schedule.  No hours—just blocks for each day of the week.  As it turns out, I don’t even need two whole pages.  So now I’m down to one page for my schedule.  It was good to have the binder in place for when I started working on the manuscript.  I used my calendar to keep track of my hours so I could properly document them on my invoice.  I even added a few notes for phone-calls I needed to make.  I’m just not in the habit of opening it up. 

My Month Ahead

In February, I hope to do the following:
  • Make more use (not better use) of my paper planner
  • Revisit the Commit to Sit challenge (starting 3 February)
  • Continue with the boot camp and my goal to be more fit


  1. I am wishing you a fantastic February and I cannot wait to read your February journey :)

    1. Thank you, OE. I may be starting February fighting a cold. We'll see how it goes.

  2. I'm glad you found the book! Now, at least, you know where they end up when Holly is around. I enjoyed the quotes. I hope the author is able to make use of your comments and that she appreciates the time you put into the book.

    1. Thanks Better. So was I. Now I just need to remember it next time a book goes missing. At least she didn't chew it up, like she did another book. *sigh*