Sunday, January 05, 2014

New Year's Day Do Over

Today is my New Year’s Day Do Over. 

That’s right.  I’m five days into the new year and I have to have a do over.  I blame Holly.  She isn’t sure what she wants to do in the morning. Some days she goes right back to bed after I take her and Snowdoll out for the morning.  Sometimes she will surprise me and go back without disturbing Rob.  Other mornings, she insists on being amused or she will bother Rob because someone is going to play with her, dammit. 

Rob and I talked about it this week and agreed that nobody is going to take Holly until she is fully housebroken and parasite free.  She would also need a family with someone home full-time, at least initially, because of her separation anxiety, which is unlike anything either of us has ever seen before.  So okay, she’s good with children and she plays well with Snowdoll but does that translate to finding her a home easily?  Nope.  It translates into it taking a while before there will be a home that will open its heart to her. 

Who wouldn't fall in love
with this face?  
In the meantime, what would we be doing?  We’d be falling in love.  We already were, after all.  Watching her play with Snowdoll, the way she boops her on the head, is apparently endlessly amusing.  It is isn’t endlessly so, suffice it to say that here we are two weeks later still delighted by it.  Unlike when we introduced Snowdoll into our home, there has been no fighting between the two dogs.  No need to define who is the alpha and only minor moments of jealousy. 

My favorite moment from this week was when Rob and I were standing in the kitchen, hugging one another (yes, we still do things like this over thirteen years later), and Holly walked in, saw us, and did a double take, then stood there staring, trying to understand what it was, exactly, the two of us were doing.  She was completely befuddled. 

But I digress. 

Snowdoll, in the meantime,
is taking it all in stride.
Holly hasn’t quite fallen into the flow of our life and Rob and I haven’t been able to exercise or do anything much besides some housework as we have to keep a close eye on everything she does.  And even when we do that’s no guarantee she’ll not get into mischief.  Case in point—our Christmas tree is already down.  Why?  Well, I can only assume that this one ornament was taunting her.  She saw it and pounced.  We were able to keep the tree from toppling and we said “no” but I think the ornament’s taunting was somehow louder than our collective voice because she pounced again and down came the tree.  Worse than that, she broke it.  She broke the tree.  And even that did not earn her a time out or a harsh reprimand.  She was pretty surprised by the outcome.  I don’t think her pouncing on something had ever resulted in quite so dramatic a situation, and she stepped back to observe what might happen next. 

Holly requires a lot of patience and I really do hope she starts settling down into our routine this week because I’d like to get some more things done than I did last week.  Like what?  Well, I have a book review to write.   And I want to organize my office.  I have thank you notes to write and a planner to put into place.  So many different little things to do that are more easily done when I don’t have to hover over every move she makes to make sure she doesn’t make a wrong move (or bowel movement, as the case may be) in the house.

Today she’s been here fourteen days and I can’t imagine how we ever thought we’d merely foster her for a while.


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    1. She really is. And as sweet as can be. Very affectionate. I'm hoping we can teach her she is not a lap dog but I think that's going to be an uphill battle.