Sunday, February 09, 2014

A Week Without Snow

I didn’t need snow to make this week eventful.

First and foremost, someone I know (Marc Chima) released a book.  It’s a light novel and I read it when it was still a rough draft.  Here is the blurb for Xironth: The Awakening
The planet Xironth has existed in peace for thousands of years. One day, the world discovers a new type of supernatural element: magic. The world of magic, once unknown to ordinary humans, is now thrust into the spotlight of the world. At the center of the unfolding chaos lies Morcuré, a young man who ends up the sole survivor of his nation’s first and deadliest “magic sweep” - an action designed to efficiently and systematically kill magicians. Unaware of his own latent magic ability until the sweeps, Morcuré must now learn about both Parshpal, his new country, and his new powers, as the world around him prepares for the Second Magic War.
So I am pretty excited about this book and I’ll probably read it again and write a review and proclaim it the best book I read this year because, frankly, I’m biased to love it.  The initiative Marc took to make this happen is an inspiration to me, that’s for certain.

In other news, the author whose manuscript I edited and proofread is so pleased with my work she has asked me to help her edit her blog posts.  So I’ll be making some steady income.  Not a lot of income, obviously, but a little something above and beyond what I’ve already made this year.  If I could get 2-4 manuscripts a month to edit, we would actually be living a lot more comfortably but it’s hard to convince people that they need to invest in an unbiased pair of eyes to go over a manuscript and ensure it is ready for the general public's collective eyes. 

Still, I'll be making a little extra income.  Not even enough to feed the dogs for more than a month but better than nothing and much appreciated.  I’m hoping it will be the beginning of more such opportunities.  Or something else, maybe. 

Yes, I’ve been keeping up with the boot camp, and, yes, I am feeling better, getting over my cold.  So Monday I’ll be back to doing the Commit to Sit practice.  I’ve been trying to find my copy of the magazine in which the challenge originally appeared with no luck. 

Are you noticing a pattern here of my misplacing reading materials?  Do you see now why I am –determined to reduce the clutter in my life by reading the books I own with hopes of giving them away?  So far I’m doing well on that goal and this week I finished yet another of those books that had mysteriously disappeared on me but turned up in my fruitless search for the issue of Tricycle. 

I’ll keep looking today but, if I can’t find the magazine, I think I’ll use one of my meditation CDs and begin there.  I mean, I can keep beating my head against a wall searching for something or I can shift gears and do something else while continuing to look for the other.  I’ll write about that tomorrow, whether I find the magazine today or not.  

So you should go check out Marc Chima's book.  It's available for only $2.99 as an e-book for the kindle. There are kindle apps you can download for free if you don't have a kindle.  And there will be a paperback copy available soon.  The author is busy working on the sequel and making notes for a third book.  Oh boy!  I can't wait to read them all!

PS:  What do you think of the background of the cover?  He did that too!  He's a modern day Renaissance man.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I love that cover - quite unique. When I saw your blog post title before I clicked I thought, "she's went a week without snow??" :) didn't think anyone in the country has went a week without snow this winter haha.

    1. OE, That's one of the only advantages of living in GA, I suppose. There should be snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, though. It may not happen but, if it does, the dogs will be soooo happy. :)