Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another Week in the Life


By some miracle, we made it through an entire day without Holly having an accident.  And we only put her into time-out three times the day before.  Otherwise, it was mostly an uneventful day.  We did some housework and tried not to get so caught up in what we were doing that we missed any of Holly's signals.  I kept expecting to get a call from my friend Love whose birthday gift arrived on Saturday.  If not a call, a text.  Something to say she had received it. As it is, I wouldn't have known she did if not for package tracking.  We usually talk on the weekends so I'm guessing sometime this upcoming weekend she'll tell me it arrived.


Georgia weather is crazy.  Seriously.  Last week we had an ice storm.  Today it was so warm we were able to take the dogs to the off-leash dog park.  They had a wonderful time and Snowdoll was running alongside Holly for much of the time.

We hadn't been to the park since the last time Snowdoll was attacked.  Therefore, it was unsurprising that Rob and I were both a bit on edge at first, especially when Snowdoll's hackles were risen.  She settled down quickly enough and had a great time but, given her last experience, I'm surprised it wasn't worse.  Not that I thought there would be another attack.  I just didn't think Snowdoll would be able to relax again on her first trip back.  I may have learned something about forgiveness.

And we made it through a another day without a Holly accident!

Do you see the red welt?
That's actually 2 of 4 such marks
left after my mammogram.

Erin took me to have my mammogram.  I honestly don't understand why we haven't come up with a less painful way of doing this.  Oh wait.  We have.  It's called ultrasound. But they are overly dependent on the skill of the technician and are less reliable for that.  This mammogram hurt worse than any I'd ever had before.  Afterwards, Erin and I went to Moe's for lunch where I had a salad and she had a delicious looking burrito.

Back home, Rob and I made two different dinners--both of us having chili only his had beans while mine did not.  I followed a new recipe I found online and, while I liked the use of cumin and allspice, it ended up being a little spicier than I typically can handle.  When it comes to spicy foods, I'm pathetic.

And then Holly ended the day by not ringing the bell when she needed to go outside.  Back to day zero.

This PetSafe system
works very well for us.

Not only did Holly make it through another day without an accident but we took the dogs to the off-leash park again.  There weren't as many dogs there this time.  There was one smaller dog that was a bit skittish around our huskies but, after we'd been there a while, another woman arrived with two bull dogs, more the size of the one dog, and I saw how the little dog perked up and came into his own.  It was delightful.

The dogs collars arrived and we knew we could start training Holly to stay inside the yard, using the wireless fence system.  We won't be able to leave them alone out there but we won't have to keep her on a leash which means she can run around more easily.  And I won't have to worry about her pulling me off my feet, which she did literally last week.


Rob had to work so I was on my own with Holly so I intentionally planned to do nothing.  That's not to say I did nothing.  Nope.  I did laundry.  I did dishes.  I organized a few things.  I even managed to read in bits and pieces.  I am a champion.


Or not.  My knee started hurting me Friday but it didn't hurt so much that it was prohibitive.  Until this morning.  I was surprised by some sharp pain while doing the boot camp workout.  It only became worse as the day went on, taking Holly and Snowdoll outside, moving up and down the stairs to the deck, trying not to hurt myself but being in pain nonetheless.  I've exercised six days this week so I won't need to exercise on Sunday but I am disappointed that the pain in my knee has returned.  Crossing my fingers that my weigh-in goes well because right now I'm needing all the encouragement I can get. (Not getting much from the people on myfitnesspal or from my scale.)


  1. Oh my gosh that looks really swollen. I hope it feels better soon and I hope your Georgia weather calms somewhat :)

    1. I should probably do something like put an ice pack on my knee. It's my own fault for not being more aggressive about taking care of myself.

  2. You have had a rough week! I hope the knee gets better soon. Mammograms can be painful! I am glad they are usually just once a year.

    Snowdoll is a brave soul. I am sure being with you guys helped her get back in her comfort zone!

    1. I hope we all can settle down into a more normal routine soon. I'm still pretty much stuck in one room, making sure we don't have any accidents. We had to put Holly into time out yesterday because she didn't bother to let us know she needed to go outside. It was so disappointing.