Sunday, February 02, 2014

Bibi's Belated Birthday, Snow, and Meditation

Our cake decorating bag
broke before we finished
decorating the cake. 
For those of you who haven’t heard, this week was surprisingly eventful for those of us in Atlanta.  On Monday, we finally celebrated Bibi’s birthday.  We were unable to celebrate it on her actual birthday (16 December) and, between the holidays and Rob’s working, we had a challenge coordinating things.  So we had cake and pizza and gifts. 

It’s a good thing we planned on doing this on Monday because Tuesday the metro-Atlanta area was hit with snow. Snow on top of ice.  Not good.  Rob wasn’t working.  When school was cancelled early, he went to pick up Bibi and it took him over 2 hours to drive home with her. Kanika said she almost got stuck in her car coming home and didn’t make it until after dinner.  Matt wasn’t home until sometime after 8pm.  And my darling daughter was stuck at work overnight, only getting home Wednesday morning around 8:45.  I tried not to worry about her but it wasn’t easy.

We may have gone a bit
overboard on birthday books
this year.
We were fortunate.  We had plenty of food and nowhere to go.  Doubly fortunate because we could enjoy the weather through Snowdoll and Holly.  They had a wonderful time, running around in the snow.  It was not unlike watching a child, reveling in it all.  I had plenty of things to do, myself, frankly.  I was working on doing the copy editing work on a manuscript, something I could easily do from home.  It was nice to earn a little cash doing something I’m actually good at doing.   I said I would get the work done in two weeks’ time and I managed to send it all back to her in two weeks, as promised.  I impressed myself, frankly.  And I probably could have finished sooner if I hadn’t been so thorough and insisted on double checking all of my notes.  Which I did. 

Seriously, they were having
so much fun in the snow!
Unfortunately, my week is ending on a disappointing note.  I am catching a cold.  If Rob weren’t such a generous person, I would feel just fine right now.  But no.  He has to share everything, including his cold.  So I am taking cold medicine, feeling head-foggy and more dizzy than usual. 

Starting tomorrow, Monday, I’ll be doing the Commit to Sit Challenge.  The subject of meditation came up on g+ and I haven’t tried to meditate since Holly came into our home.  Now seems like the ideal time to explore this challenge again.  I’ll write about the experience and, hopefully, others will be joining me.  Of course, you who are reading this, are invited to join me as well.  The challenge is simple enough, building a daily meditation practice gradually, with longer practices on the weekend.  My mother and I did it back in 2007 and I did it again in 2009 and tried but faltered in 2011.  I didn’t really blog about it at the time.   I hope to write in more depth about my Commit to Sit experience this time while also sharing some other information about meditation in general because it seems to be a subject people ask me about 

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