Friday, February 28, 2014

February Wrap-Up

Last month I sort of did a quick look back at January and shared some highlights of the month.  It is my intention to do this every month.  So here goes.

Something About the Weather

Seriously, I know we are not alone in Georgia in saying that this February will be remembered for the weather.  And our snow wasn't even that bad.  Not compared with what others were facing.  But this was the month that the weather kept Rob away from home for a few days.  And we usually only get one really good snow fall a year, and even then not every year, so to start off 2014 with not one but two snowy weather experiences is quite remarkable.  Hence, my remarking upon it here, in my blog.

Yes, I've Been Reading But . . .

So last month's book was misplaced and I decided to move onto February's book with hopes of finishing January's as well.  Why didn't anyone warn me that reading Thoreau is like a meditation and demands to be savored rather than devoured?  I simply cannot push myself to read more than one or two pages in a single sitting.  At this rate, I'll be surprised if I finish Walden before Christmas.  But I am enjoying it.  Very much.

Speaking of devouring books . . . Holly ate one of my books, Hawk of May.  This is one of the books I had on my reading challenge because, I blush to confess, I've owned the trilogy for over 20 years.  When she ate the first book in the trilogy, I was four chapters into it but frankly not terribly excited by it.  I took her eating the book as a sign and pulled the other two books from my bookcase and put them in the give away box.  I apparently will never read them and I'm making myself miserable trying to do so.

What About The Book I Edited?

Well, the author is so happy with the work on I did, she's asked me to edit her blog posts.  Awesome!  A little extra income coming my way.

Working on her manuscript inspired me to share some of my own writing here in my blog.  You probably noticed but, in case you missed it, I've shared three pieces this month with plans on sharing more.  You can see them here, here, and here.  I've started reaching out to the writing community again hoping to make some connections with potential critique partners. I haven't had much luck with this.  Mostly I hear praise for my writing or disdain.  Nothing in between.  The praise sees no room for improvement (I loved every word of it!) and the disdain sees none either (It's crap.  You don't know how to write.) so I am at a loss.  I just stare at the words and know something isn't working but what it is I am clueless to define.

This is also why I'm reading K M Weiland's book on structuring a novel.  I have another book on storytelling I'll be reading soon as well.  I'm either going to figure this shit out or give up altogether.  Stick around.  No doubt I'll blog about it either way.

Boot Camp

I've been on it six days a week, taking the seventh day to rest.  Yes, towards the end of the month I hurt my knee but, all in all, I survived in tact!  But the boot camp is coming to an end.  Next week is the eighth and final week.  I have a plan in place and will continue to blog about my progress on Tuesdays.  I'm not sure what to expect with my cycle, obviously.  I just hope I don't re-injure my knee.  I liked being pain free for a few weeks and even months there.  I think I could live happily pain free for the rest of my life.

My Month Ahead

In March, I hope to accomplish the following:
  • Remember that planner I planned on using?  Yeah.  That.  Still not using it.  (Hopefully this month I can turn that around.)
  • Make a smooth transition from doing the boot camp to exercising consistently without the boot camp to hold me accountable.  (I'm counting on you, dear reader, to be there vicariously cheering me on!)
  • Get ready for turning 52.  My birthday is April 4.  Mark your calendars!  (And maybe plan a little celebration along with me!)
  • Read this month's book 1) without misplacing it and 2) actually finishing it before month's end.  (I can do it!)
Do you have any plans/goals/intentions for March?  


  1. I have marked my calendar Satia!! And I cannot believe Georgia had two large snowfalls like that. What a crazy winter it's been.

    1. Woohoo! I hope your celebration includes pizza. I feel all celebrations should include pizza.

  2. Reading this makes me realize that 2014 is moving faster than I would like in terms of getting my own work done and slower than I would like in terms of snow melting. Sigh.

    1. That is very much how I am feeling too, Kathleen. We didn't even have the snow that other places had but the weather has been unusually cold for Georgia. I know that Holly has been a disruption as well. We're still getting used to one another, more or less.