Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In: Four Week Measurements

You can't really see the sweat
but you can see the weights.
Last week the fifth week of boot camp began and ended.  That means there are only three more weeks.  It’s hard to believe.  And it’s been a great journey.  This past week I officially finished 4 weeks and started my fifth so it was time for me to take measurements.   Eep! 
Bicep R = -0.8
Bicep L = -0.5
Bust = -2.0
Waist = -2
Thigh R = -0.8
Thigh L = 0.8
Calf R = 0.5
Calf L = 0.5
Total = -8.8
My total inches lost = 8.8 (22.4 cm)
That’s not too shabby!  I’m very pleased with those number. 

One of the things that’s often said by the coaches is:

No guilt
No shame
No judgment

Like the more alliterative repetition from last week’s post, I really like this and I often need it.  I never feel guilt, actually, about exercising (although I do feel guilty for gaining the weight to begin with).  I do, however, feel ashamed when I am unable to do something with the same ease as before.  Or I did, at first.  Over time, I came to recognize the strength it takes for me to make these adjustments for myself.  Knowing when it is time for me to use a wall for support is not a negative.  It’s something to celebrate. Honoring my body is an essential part of my overall well-being.  By using a wall for support, I’m taking care of myself.  And I’m exercising, which is another way of taking care of myself.

But judgment . . .

These are not tears.
This is sweat
pouring down my face.
I only did 10 push-ups.  I only did 30 minutes of exercise.  I can only myself to death, frankly.  And it’s so ridiculous.  I know better.  I didn’t only do 10 push-ups.  I did 10 push-ups, which is 10 more than I’d done just a few minutes ago.  And I did 30 minutes of exercise which is 30 minutes more than I could do 7 years ago.   It all matters.  I do not need to devalue what I do.  I can honor it, every moment.  Honor the times when I don’t support myself by using a wall or I only do 5 push-ups or I take a day off from exercising altogether. 

I requested that my local library obtain a copy of Jonathan Roche’s book, The No Excuses Diet.  I know I already have a plan in place for when the boot camp ends.  I also think I know how I can easily incorporate many of the exercise methods I’ve learned.  Interval training makes even strength training more tolerable.  It’s hard to become bored when you’re doing something as hard or fast as you can for 30-60 seconds.  Or at least, it’s hard for me to become bored, anyway.  I still prefer yoga but I can see where I might be making more room for other forms of exercise when this boot camp is over.

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  1. Great job with your boot camp work.

    1. Thanks Heather! I hope you're enjoying your trip.

  2. Cool that the boot camp is working so well for you -- not just physically but mentally, too!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Joy, I hope I can carry these lessons with me after the boot camp ends.

  3. I'm sweating just reading this.

    1. Samael, Coll, because I was sweating as I wrote it.