Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whew! What a Weird Week!

Pretty Papers for the menu board.
Sunday was a peculiar day.  Rob was working and Holly was still wanting to go out a lot whenever she was up.  So I felt like I didn't get anything done. The truth is, I did get some things done.  I managed to update our menu with these pretty papers from my collection of scrapbook papers.  Yes, it's all Valentine's Day themed.  There won't be anything special for St. Patrick's Day, unfortunately, because I don't have enough papers that would be appropriate.  I also never made anything for January.  I wanted to do something with blue papers and paper doilies.  Unfortunately, I never finished and saw another holiday looming on our immediate horizon so I shelved the one project for the next project.  There's always next yer to get a nice New Year's Day/snowy January themed menu made.

And every day I exercised.
See the sweat?
Monday Rob and I had a bit of a curve ball thrown our way.  He had a gig on Wednesday but there's some icky weather being forecast for our area starting Tuesday.  The people who hired him (and others, of course) decided to be preemptive, setting up contingencies just in case the weather proved to be hazardous.  You know, unlike my darling daughter's job where she was snowed in and had to spend the night at work.  Ugh.  Anyway, it wasn't so much a question of could he or would he but whether or not we, meaning me and the dogs, were sufficiently supplied to survive the possibility of being stuck.  We have more than enough food and, if I were to really need some help, I could call on our landlords across the street so I assured him we could survive without him.

Tuesday, after Rob's doctor's appointment, we got ready for his being on the gig for a few days.  Packed food for him.  Made sure I had enough food for myself.  We filled out some paperwork and made sure bills are paid.  We got our ducks in a row and our things in order, took a nap together, then sent Rob on his way to a hotel so nice they put chocolate on his bed.  We didn't even have that when we went on our honeymoon!  I was so relieved to learn that the schools are canceled for two days so Joe won't be out picking up Bibi from school.  And Shira's job will be closed Wednesday, and possibly Thursday.  We just buckled down and prepared ourselves for whatever Mother Nature had in store for us.

Icicles on the bush.
Wednesday came the sleet, the ice, the messy weather that the dogs love so much.  And with it came Holly's diarrhea.  Yep.  She had diarrhea and I was the only one here to take care of it and her so . . . yuck.  I don't have to go into details.  You know what it means.

But it is still pretty, even if this weather is not as pretty as the week before last.  There are no cars, nobody walking around.  It's so quiet.  I took the dogs out several times (of course) and listened to the sound of the sleet sizzling in the trees.  It was soothing.  And the weather forecast says there will be snow tonight so we'll wake up to an inch or so of ice buried under an inch or more of snow.  I hope I don't fall, again.  Yep  Again.  Holly really likes the snow and, as a result, she was running around, exuberant and happy.  Funny thing about Siberian Huskies--they can pull.  She pulled me right off my feet.

The Intercontinental Hotel
in Buckhead.

Rob came home.  Woohoo!  But not until Holly first ate another book.  Seriously, she is obsessed.  I really need to leave the books where she can't reach them.  And, for all I know, she's eating them because she thinks books will help constipate her bowels a bit.  Of course, the dogs were happy to have Daddy home again.

It was a good thing we had packed some food for him--bread and cold cuts, sodas in case his glucose became to low, mixed nuts, etc.  There was a very well-stocked mini-bar but he didn't need to touch it.  And one night, when he and the others who were there on the gig made reservations in the hotel restaurant, they were unable to get a seat, even after over an hour and a half had passed.  Apparently, the hotel was the only one with an open kitchen in the area so people were coming from elsewhere to have dinner there.  As a result, the actual hotel guests were SOL.  Even calling room service meant waiting an hour or more.  So he ate late but not as late as he would have if we hadn't packed any food for him.  And not as late as he would have if he had waited for the restaurant to fulfill their reservation request.

New Pillow
Valentine's Day Card
Friday, Valentine's Day

We had a lovely day.  We started off with a breakfast of cheese blintzes and heart shaped bacon.  Then Rob gave me my Valentine's Day gifts.  A new pillow and a rose.  My card, specially chosen, because it is a "book card" as Rob said.  The sentiment inside . . . so sweet.  Rob puts a lot of thought into choosing a card.  He tries to find one that has a sentiment that perfectly fits how he feels about the recipient.  We took a nap, because he had a late night gig.  Later, we had a delicious dinner.  Steak with asparagus for me and the same for Rob with some roasted potatoes.  And the chocolate cheesecake with mandarin orange slices was perfect.  The cheesecake only has 6 grams of carbs.  Amazing!  It was a lovely, quiet day.  Precisely what the two of us needed after this weird week apart, isolated as we were by the ice and snow.

I've owned this book for
nearly 20 years.
I guess I'll never read it now.

Started the morning with Kanika, walking around the neighborhood.  It was nice to get out of the house for something other than taking Holly for a walk.  I gave her two slices of the chocolate cheesecake (you can see a picture of it in yesterday's post).  Back home, I took a quick shower and talked with Love who celebrated her birthday yesterday. And I did laundry, vacuumed, steam cleaned the carpet, and generally took care of as much as I could.  It was, for the most part, a peaceful day.

Well, peaceful except for Holly.  Rob and I decided it was time to start putting her into time out for misbehavior.  We hesitated to do it before now because it seemed inappropriate to discipline her about rules she had not learned. For a while she was doing fairly well, ringing the bell when she needed to go outside.  Then, two weeks ago that ended.  She's also destroyed several things around the house--headphones, books (two even!), and such because she likes to chew.  There are a lot of toys, bones and rawhides, plenty of things for her to chew upon without getting into things she knows she shouldn't have.  She usually does this when she's bored and we can't have associating a fun game of "keep-away" with destruction.

She does not like being put into time out.  Now, whenever we catch her doing something she knows she ought not to do, we put her into time out for maybe 30-45 seconds.  Not too long, because that would be cruel.  Just long enough that she'll soon associate misbehavior with isolation.  This is how we taught Romanov and Snowdoll.  I hate it, though.  I just wish it didn't take discipline to get positive results out of Holly.  I really wish it didn't take discipline to get positive results in life too.


  1. I certainly hope Holly is on the mend. That has got to be a pain.

    Where did you find cheesecake with 6 carbs per serving? My husband is really missing his dessert. I might be able to give him something like that.

    I hope this week is better for you.

    1. This book:

      So far every recipe we've tried in it has been wonderful. I mean, really loved every single recipe from the pork with cauliflower "couscous" to the Asian beef soup to the cheesecake.

      I checked the publication information and this book is from the same publisher and still in print so maybe it will be easier to find:

      The photos on the cover match two of the photos in the book we have so I'm betting you it's the same book but with a different cover. We're trying a fourth recipe from it today.