Sunday, March 02, 2014

A Week That Could Only Get Better

Mammogram results.
Sunday and Monday

As I explained in my weekly weigh-in post, I was blind-sided by a Saturday surprise.  As I also explained, I had forgotten how deeply it affects how I feel, wearing me down on a very basic level, far more than how I felt before I had vertigo.  I mean things like cramps or even a menstrual headache?  These things I knew and took in stride.  But the vertigo is so much worse and, although I manage to move through my day in spite of the dizziness, I truly forgot how completely exhausting the experience is.

And I went through this once a month?  No wonder I was so miserable for so long.  Ugh!

Feeling so miserable didn’t stop me from applying for a job and reaching out for a writing critique partner.  I found this blog post and I dared to leave a comment.  As you can see, nobody responded to my comment.  So I went ahead and responded to two other comments.  I also emailed two other people.  I guess I’m trying to take my writing seriously again.  That’s why I’m sharing random pieces on Wednesdays, hopefully whetting your appetite for more.  (Having only received on comment leaves me wondering if I’m succeeding but there seem to be a few people plussing my pieces so I’m going to focus on that.)

Holly Sitting Pretty

I finally felt better, not overwhelmed with misery, able to even get some housework done.   I even had a telephone interview for a medical billing and coding job.   How crazy is that?  Finally, right?  While I was talking to the woman, Holly ate Rob’s anniversary gift from last year.  I’ve already ordered a replacement copy because Rob was truly disappointed that she had destroyed a gift I’d given to him.  That’s three books she’s eaten and it’s getting pretty old.  Time out does work as a deterrent.  It may take her a few more times to figure out that chewing up a book will result in her being disciplined.  Until she associates the one action with the other, we pretty much have to assume she will destroy another book.  It didn’t help that we were also back to Day 0 With No Accidents.  I mean, honestly, if she weren’t so darn pretty and sweet . . .

The daffodils are
beginning to bloom.

The weather turned more mild and I was able to get some things done, feeling better than I had been.  During the previous day's telephone interview, I was asked to come in for an interview.  Oh boy!  But the doctor couldn't actually confirm that Friday would be a good day for her because we were talking while she was driving home from work.   At least she wasn't texting but I confess to being a little anxious to get off the phone when I realized that she was driving while talking with me.  So we had hung up on Tuesday, tentatively saying I'd be going in for a job interview on Friday.  I had not heard from her, however, when she was home and able to check her calendar which is why I chose to send her a quick email confirming I could be there and asking for the address of the office.

In the meantime, I was getting my potential interview ducks in a row.  Transportation.  Choosing an outfit to wear.  I even made sure I didn't have any roots showing.  I have to say, I'm glad I keep my eyebrows plucked and my legs shaved even though I don't go out very often.  I never know when a job interview may come my way and I like to be ready when it does.  It gave me one less thing to worry about.

Holly is fascinated by
the sound of a baby crying.

Rob had to work today so I was on my won with the dogs.  I also hadn't heard anything back from the doctor about the job interview.  I even sent her a text in hopes of hearing something but, the truth is, I went to bed discouraged, assuming she had changed her mind.

On the plus side, I had heard back from a few of the people looking for critique partners and, as a result, I had a few people who wanted to swap writing and see how things work out.  See, how it works is that everyone can trade writing/critiques and, if after that, both people don't feel like it's a good fit, everyone can walk away "no questions asked" as it were.  I think this is why this arrangement appealed to me.  I wanted to find people who were ready to trade writing and work on their craft, not get started on maybe someday getting that book started.  I have too many stories, a backlog of writing, desperately in need of some spit and polish. I just need a little guidance, I think.  So maybe I didn't end the day assured of a job interview but I did end it with a few temporary writing critique partners, with my fingers crossed, hoping I'd find one or more who is a good fit.

Pile of books.

Having gone to bed without a job interview, I woke up with one.  The call came around 9pm, hours after I go to bed.  (I get up at 4am so you can imagine what time I go to bed.)  Good thing I had arranged for Erin to pick me up.  Whew!  The interview went well but I did not get the job.  Instead, I was offered an internship.  The doctor needs someone who has experience and can get to work right away.  I would need some time to learn what to do in a real medical office setting.  You know how it is--you can learn how to do something but until you have to go out into the real world and put it all into practice, it's all theoretical.  I completely understood why she didn't think hiring me for the position was a good idea.  However, I liked her suggestion of stepping in and shadowing the person she does hire, giving me an opportunity to learn as I go along.  Plus, the internship is something I can add to my résumé.  So a win-win situation.  Yes, it wasn't a job, but something is better than nothing and nothing's all I have right now.

Crocus:  A Sign of Spring

Kanika came over for tea and sympathy.  We talked about her family, my potential internship, and life in general.  After she left, I did some housework and had just finished lunch when Love called.  We talked about her son, my possible internship, her husband, my husband, and our lives.

I honestly can't believe it's already March.  I've started reading Wanting What You Have by Timothy Miller.  Here's hoping that 1) I don't misplace it like I did January's book and 2) don't want to read it very slowly as I am with February's book.  Next week is the last week of the No Excuses Boot Camp and Rob will be working each and every day.  Hopefully, I can keep the dogs from driving me crazy.  And maybe I can get some writing done because I can't keep sharing my writing on Wednesdays if I don't start writing new things. Yes, I have a lot of writing and a backlog of stories (and even entire novels) but it isn't an infinite supply.


  1. The internship will look very good on your resume indeed! That is exciting. And Holly looks so adorable in that picture :)

    1. Thank you OE. And she does look adorable. Looks can be deceiving. Or maybe adorable is exhausting because she is wearing me out.

  2. I hope the internship works out for you and ends with a good job. Sounds like your week was pretty active. Glad you're feeling better.

    1. As do I, Betty. At least it will get my foot in the door and some experience in an actual medical office. That's really what I'm wanting. Even a receptionist position. I honestly love meeting and greeting people so that wouldn't be a problem. I may have over a decade's worth of administrative assistant experience but I have none working in a medical office. I'm sure I'll learn a lot.