Sunday, March 09, 2014

Rob Worked in the Midst of Good News & Bad News

The weeds growing up
around this look so pretty.
Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off to Work Rob Goes

Rob worked every day this week leaving me home with Holly.  My day was mostly the same thing day in and day out.  Constant and endless interruptions.  You know how sometimes, when you are in a situation, you subjectively think that things are a certain way?  If you feel stressed, the things that you feel cause the stress seem larger, more frequent, somehow endless? 

Dear Holly.  Sweet Holly.  It felt like she was wanting to go outside so often I couldn’t get anything accomplished.  But maybe it was merely my perception, right?  Well, this week I decided to document the many times Holly wanted me to take her outside.  Was it really so often or was I just letting my frustration make it feel that way?  At 4am, I took both of the dogs out.  Rob took them both out before he left for work.  Then I began taking a picture of Holly and/or Snowdoll every time we went out for a walk.  Between the time Rob left for work (7am) and the time he came home (shortly after 5pm), I took one or both dogs out twenty-two times. 

One is a library book
& the other is about a dog
that disrupts the life
of the writer.
This is an example of irony.
Is it any wonder I felt like I was not getting anything done this week?  Is it any wonder I felt exhausted from the seemingly endless interruptions? 

She’s old enough not to need to go out so frequently and we’ve been trying to give her a sense of security and safety.  We’ve gradually been disciplining her.  Occasionally, I don’t immediately leap up when she lets me know she wants to go outside.  Making her wait, I hope, will help her settle down a little bit.  I mean, look at her.  She’s adorable.  Who could resist this face? 

There Was Some Very Good News

In the midst of it all, there was some good news.  Marc was accepted into the University of Chicago’s graduate school program for East Asian Language and Civilization with a focus on Japanese.  This was his whole reason for moving to Chicago nearly three years ago.  Although he did look for and apply to other graduate programs at other schools, his heart’s intention was to go to graduate school in Chicago and now that is what he will be doing.  

And There Was Some Sad News

Rob and I are both so very fortunate.  My friend Love is the daughter of a beloved friend of my mother’s.  They were pregnant at the same time and Love was born in February of the same year as I.  Pia, whom I “met” in junior high (IS 44 to be specific), was actually the daughter of a friend of Love’s mother.  So, while Pia and I honestly thought we had made a new friend when, as we later learned, her mother and Love’s mother often met when I was being babysat so, as it turns out, we played together as toddlers.  So really, our meeting in a science class was actually a reunion.

For Rob, those friends are Carl and Jon.  The latter lives in Texas now while the former lives in Kentucky, in the hometown where the three of them grew up.  Rob spent many hours hanging out at Carl’s home.  So, it was no surprise that Rob called me crying when he heard that Carl’s mother had died.  Less than 30 minutes before her death, one of her sons (not Carl) spoke with her so the death must have been sudden.  Small comfort.  We sent flowers because Rob is working and can’t be there.

And Some Other Things
Modern Eloquence

This is the week that the No Excuses Boot Camp came to a close and I actually felt like pouting about it.  Seriously.  It was hard to motivate myself to do it at all.  However, I took my final measurements and recorded them in My Fitness Pal for future reference.  I'll write more about what I am doing now that the boot camp has come to a close in my weekly weigh-in blog post.

On Friday, Erin and Joe and I went to the library book sale and did very well.  I picked up a couple of things for Bibi and a couple of calligraphy books.  I even bought Rob this beautiful set of old books.  They aren't as old as he prefers (Quote:  It has to be 100 years old.) but if he waits a few years, they will be old enough.  Okay.  He has to wait 23 years but he's still relatively young so it shouldn't be too hard for him to live that long.  If nothing else, we have an understanding and he is going to outlive me.

So I ended my week, able to relax because Rob was here to help alleviate some of the demands Holly makes on my time and attention.  It is just what I needed for the end of my week because next week promises to come with its own challenges.  But that can wait for another blog post.  


  1. So glad for your son.

    In other sad news. Lauren died yesterday.

    1. Angie, I'm so sorry to hear about Lauren. :(

  2. I want to try Calligraphy as a first!

    So excited for Marc!

    It's so sad when we lose people or our friend's lose people that are important in our lives.

    I hope you start to see improvements with Holly soon!!

    1. Betty,

      You should.

      Me too!

      It is and Rob is such a loyal, loving person, it is heartbreaking on every level.

      I don't want to jinx anything but we have. shhhhhhh