Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Writing: Raven

A sort of flash fiction piece. I'm not particularly thrilled with this one. I know where I was trying to go but not sure I really arrived, if you know what I mean.  But I was stumped about what to share this week and someone on g+ suggested I share the 7th thing on the list so here it is.

Dear Miss Miller

I no I lied.  You are angry.  Pleas forgive me.  
I told you I was sik. I was not sik.  
Mommy’s friend was sik.  She couldn’t watch the twins.  
Mommy had to work.  
I had to stay home.  
I had to watch the twins.  
I missed alot of school.  I want to do my homewrk.  
If I do my homework will you let me come back to school?  
Can you mak it so I can go home?  
I went home after they brung me here.  
I snuck out.  
Mommy was home. I told her I could help with the twins.  
She slamed the door.  She draged me to the room.  
The twins were gon.  She said they took the twins.  Jus like they took me.  
I no it’s because I lied.  I’m sorry.  
I didn’t mean to.  
Please don’t be angry anymor.  
You took me to Mr Thompson.  
I told him the truth.
There was a lady there.  She told me her name.  I forget.  
She was there and I told Mr Thompson the truth.  
You must thawt the lady wood bring me home.  After school she didn’t.  
She took me to this other place.
I don’t like it here.  I want to go home.  
It smells funny.  Not funny like the school.  Its a bad funny.  
You wouldn’t like it here.  
I no I lied and probly belong to here.  
I didn’t mean to be so bad.  I didn’t mean to lie.  
Tell Mr Thompson about the lady not taking me home.  He coud help you.  
You need to help me get home.  
Please except my apology.  Let me go home.
My mommy didn’t mean to hit me.  
She was mad.  I made the twins go away because I told a lie.  
She was crying too.  Not just screaming.  
I no she is sorry.  I am sorry too.  
Please tell the lady to take me home.  And the twins.  
We want to go home.  
I no you can help.  
You are the best teacher.  
You tawt me so much.  I no I missed alot of school.  
If you let me I can come back and I’ll do all the homework I missed.  
And I promise I won’t ever lie agen.
I miss the twins.  
I miss mommy.  
I miss you.  
Pleas help me.  
Pleas forgive me.
If you can’t mak me go home can you mak the twins go home.  
My mommy is so sad.  She don’t like being alone.


  1. I think this is very believable--it really sounds as if it were written by a child! (The spelling maks me smile.)

    1. Thank you Suko. I appreciate your taking the time to read it and to leave a comment. It means a lot to me. And very glad it made you smile.