Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekly Update Fused With March Wrap-Up

There really isn’t much to say about the week that hasn’t already been said now that Holly is doing well.   

Of course, I say this knowing that we lost 1/3 of the power in our home.  Looks like we need a new fuse box.  We’ve had one electrician come by and look things over to give an estimate and we have two more coming over today and tomorrow.  I’m hoping that the rewiring won’t disrupt our plans for my birthday but, if they do, we are prepared to cancel.  Well, not altogether canceled.  I’ll still have the children over, of course, because there’s no way I’m not going to share my birthday with my loved ones.   We’ll just have to scale things down, somewhat. 

But as of right now, as I write this post, we will be having an Open House Party on Saturday to celebrate my 52nd birthday.  There will have 2 cakes and 2 ice creams and chips and dips and wine and whatever.  It will be informal, casual, and exactly what we need to just unwind with family and friends.

Normally I do a month’s-end type post but, let’s face it, tomorrow is the last day of the month so, rather than summarize my week and the month in two separate posts, I’m afraid you’ll just have to forgive me for merging the two posts into one.

This is the month that saw the No Excuses Boot Camp led by Jonathan Roche come to a close.  I had taken some before and after pictures because at the end of each boot camp cycle, they do a random drawing and the winner gets access to the boot camp for . . . I don’t actually remember for how long.  Regardless, it’s something I will obviously use.  And something with which I’ve experienced some actual success.  I’m losing weight and continue to do so.  (You’ll have to wait for Tuesday’s official weekly weigh-in post to read more about that.)  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I don’t know how many others send in their before and after pictures but it would be awfully nice if, of all those who do send theirs in, I were chosen.  That said, however, I hope that whoever gets it is the person who truly needs it. 

My shadowing has gotten off to a halting start.  The first week, I could only come in two days.  The next week I came in all three days.  The third week, I only came in one day.  I was concerned about how this reflected on my work ethic and hire-ability but I also realized that, especially the past week when I was watching over Holly, worrying that she would have to be put to sleep if we could not end her suffering any other way, my choice to stay home reflected my personal ethos perfectly, work or otherwise.  This was, after all, an exceptional circumstance, and I could say with some confidence that these things would not keep happening.  Surely I can make it into the office all three days at least two weeks in a row, right?  I guess we’ll find out in April. 

I’ve given up on my failed planner plan.  I simply can’t seem to get it up and running in a useable fashion.  So my search for a system began in earnest yet again in March.  I came upon The Bullet Journal which seems simple enough that I can begin with it, knowing that I’ll want to make some modifications as I go along but that was the plan (no pun intended) with the planner to begin with, to create something that I could modify to meet my unique needs.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Bullet Journal, watch the video and you’ll quickly see both how very simple it is and how easily it can be modified.  I even read a couple of interesting blog posts from a woman who first said “nay” but then converted to “yea” after using it for a month.

I’m as optimistic about this attempt at getting some organization in my life as I was in December when I invested in making a planner.  I can do this! 

My Read Along With Me in 2014 is not going very well.  The book I chose for March may have been the perfect book for me when I bought it; right now it simply isn’t a good fit.  But you know, I didn’t give up on the hope that I’d start losing weight (and I am!), nor am I surrendering to being disorganized (clearly I am not!) so I refuse to give up on my plan to have a read along with me experience.  Nope.  I don’t care if I misplaced the first book, couldn’t finish the second because it simply demanded to be savored rather than devoured, or that I didn’t enjoy one much of the third, I have three more books chosen for the year and I remain optimistic.  (If you want to help me choose what I might read next, you can always check out my pinterest board and see if you see something you want to read along with me.)

In April I’d like to read Start Where You Are by Pema Chödron and I invite you to join me.  She’s a very popular writer so odds are your library may even have a copy on hand.  I found mine in a second-hand bookstore!

Creative Writing I’ve Shared in March:

Big Plans for April

  • Celebrate my birthday
  • Get some dog training lessons for me and Rob
  • Continue shadowing and maybe begin doing some actual coding
  • Keep exercising and losing weight (I hope)
For those of you who are curious (and because more than one person has asked), here is my wish list, recently updated and everything.


  1. I'll read that book with you. I just loaded it onto my nook

    1. Angie, That's great! I'm planning on posting about it on Mondays. I don't expect anyone to keep up with me since I'm hoping to read it by the month's end but that's no reason you can't enjoy it at your own pace and find the relevant posts as you go along.

  2. I left a comment on Google+ but I decided to leave another one here. I am going to take a look at that book. I am still reading Misquoting Jesus. I have a stack of books to get read. I just keep finding more books than time. You always have such great books to read! I'll never be able to keep up!

    1. Betty, I don't know about always but I do try to be diverse in what I choose to read. There are some obvious gaps (due to my subjective lack of enjoyment for certain genres). Still, no matter how much I may "mix things up" I know I will never ever ever catch up with my Never Ending To Be Read List.

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm turning 52 in May -- I'm not sure I realized we were quite so close in age.

    That Bullet Journal looks very cool. I seem to be always game to change my system for something new, this might be the next thing. Especially if it gives me an excuse to by a Moleskine.

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Joy, Early happy birthday! I didn't realize we were so very close in age. I think I suspected we were close but barely a month apart? Awesome! Glad I could give you an excuse to buy a Moleskine. :)