Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In: Last Week of Boot Camp

It’s not about keeping up.
It’s about showing up.
~ Coach Jonathan Roche

More than once,
I was literally dripping in sweat!
The No Excuses Boot Camp led by Jonathan Roche and his team of coaches is coming to a close this week.  Or Cycle 18 is coming to a close anyway.  Cycle 19 will begin on March 17 and I honestly wish I could afford to sign up for it because it really is a great program.  (BTW, if you buy his book, The No-Excuses Diet, you get a coupon for $10.00 off the boot camp and, honestly, it’s worth it even without the discount!)

I learned a few things about High Intensity Interval Training, including Tabata intervals.  But that isn’t the best part of the No Excuses Boot Camp.  Truly, the best part of the workout is the positive enthusiasm and support of the coaches.  I’ve shared some of the encouraging words they share during the workouts but there are so many more.  In the daily emails, Jonathan signs himself as “Your Biggest Fan!” (complete with exclamation mark).  Now, I am pretty sure that my husband, children, and even my mother are bigger fans of yours truly than he claims to be but that is he attitude the coaches have.  They are there to support you in your workout. 

I didn't even take full advantage
of the community boards, frankly.
And they listen!  On the community board, people can request more core (or some other muscle focus) or a specific song and, in a later workout, the coach will say they read the request on the message board.  Sometimes they even mention someone by name.  With five coaches, even when not every "boot camper" is posting comments on the community board, it can’t be easy to keep up with the numerous posts.  Still, they do try to respond, even if, like me, the boot camper does a recorded workout rather than schedule to do it live, on the day it is taped.  I know because one of the coaches responded to my “flag plant” even though I had not done the workout until a week later.  (The coaches invite people to plant their flag on the message board confirming they did the workout and there is a unique thread for each workout.  That’s a lot of threads with a lot of planted flags!)

The No Excuses Boot Camp is only going to get better!

Some days, I didn't sweat
quite as much as others.
There are some improvements being made to the message boards (necessary really) to make them more user friendly.  Better still, there are plans to introduce new cooking videos with people sharing how to make healthy, well-balanced meals.  A great resource to be added to what is already a wonderful collection of positive, and effective, workouts. 

And I’ve no doubt there are more improvements in the works.  Honestly, forget the image of some drill sergeant shouting at you to do more, work harder, and the whole no-pain-no-gain nonsense.  The No Excuses Boot Camp is great!  I hope they will make DVDs that people can buy (I’ve no doubt that is one of the things planned for the future).  If I were working, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for a year’s worth of the boot camp.  Honestly, I can already see how good it is and how much better it will be in the next cycle or two or three. 

This is one boot camp that promises to only get better.  If you are thinking about getting back to a daily exercise routine or signing up for a boot camp, you should definitely consider the No Excuses Boot Camp.  At least give it 8 weeks.  Think of it as an investment in your future, in your health, in your well-being, because these coaches aren't just pushing you to sweat off the fat, they are there encouraging and supporting you to feel better on every level--mind, body, and soul.

logo for Readers' WorkoutsWhat have you got to lose?  A few pounds?  A negative "I can't do this" attitude?

If you aren’t as convinced of the merits of the No Excuses Boot Camp as I am after those first 8 weeks then you can move on and find something else more to your liking.  Although I can't imagine any online resource that is more positive in its focus and clearly effective than this one, there may be one out there.  (If you find one, let me know.)  I loved this boot camp even on days when I didn't feel like I wanted to exercise,  and I’m only sorry it’s coming to a close.  For me, anyway.  And for now.  I can see this being something I’d happily buy for myself when I have a job again.

As for my weekly weigh-in . . . alas, my scale decided to quit on me and I am unable to tell you whether or not I've lost any weight.  I had been losing weight although last week I gained a few ounces.  We will be replacing the scale soon, I'm sure.  In the meantime, the weekly weigh-in posts will be a misnomer and I'll just have to hope that you, dear readers, will forgive me and be patient until I can once again weigh myself and give specific numeric results.  

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  1. Too bad about the scale, and not being able to track your progress. It sounds as though you truly enjoyed the program. Maybe you will be able to take it up again later.

    1. Betty, the boot camp was so positive, something I rarely see in exercise DVDs. In some gentle exercise DVDs, like some of my yoga workouts and Leslie Sansone's workouts, the instructors are positive. But those that typically push you to sweat, like Jillian Michaels (and I love her DVDs), the messages aren't always so affirmative, if you know what I mean. So I really loved how supporting and encouraging the coaches were throughout the eight weeks (although there are a few more days of optimistic support to go).

  2. Sounds like the boot camp was a perfect fit for you! Sometimes a scale isn't my friend because I get obsessed with weighing myself. I have to force myself to stay off of it except for first thing in the morning.

    1. Vicki, That's how I used my scale--weighed myself in the morning after I took the dogs out for the morning "constitutional." If I see a gain, I know I need to drink more water and be more aware of my food choices. If I see a loss, I know I need to drink more water and be aware of my food choices. ;)

  3. Did you learn enough from boot camp to carry on by yourself? Is that the plan now that your session has ended?

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Joy, my immediate plan is to use the Firm's Zip Medicine Ball Kit for four weeks.

      After that, if I'm able to get comfortable with the moves (I am not at this point in time), I'll complete the 8 week plan provided with the kit. Whether I finish at 4 or 8 weeks, I plan on taking some of the things I've learned in the boot camp about HIIT and use the exercises in Better Body Workouts for Women.

      I have at least 8 weeks of "what am I going to do next?" in place. By then, we'll also have Holly leash trained (assuming we can afford to get training for ourselves after we pay taxes) and we'll be taking the dogs for walks and such. I have also been skipping my morning yoga while doing the boot camp but I am planning on resuming my practice because I miss it so much.

    2. Sounds like a great plan!

    3. Thank you, Joy. I knew about halfway through the boot camp that I needed to have something in place for what I would do after the boot camp or I might find myself gaining weight and/or losing momentum.