Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In With Goals and Whatever

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It’s been so crazy the past few weeks and trying to get back into the daily habit of exercising is easier said than done.  But it’s happening, bit by bit.  The other day, Holly managed to escape four times, one of those three times with Snowdoll.  It was a bit crazy, chasing after her.  I definitely got my workout in as a result.  I even did a light jog a few times.

That may not seem very significant but, for me, it’s huge.  In the past, when I’ve tried even a light jog, I would wake up the next day with a sore knee, even limping in pain.  But nothing hurt.  NOTHING!  (Confession:  Okay.  I haven’t tried doing the yoga that was causing my ankle to hurt but I was content with my knee being pain free.  Yay!)

With my knee finally showing signs of letting me do more, I decided to continue using the workouts on youtube on days when I have to go to the office.  I also started taking the stairs, even though I’m only walking up a single flight of stairs.  On days when I do not go to the office, I’ll make use of the Jillian Michaels DVDs I own and use the step to help me get stronger. 

As for my weekly weigh-in, I managed to lose 2 lbs last week which means I am still losing the weight I gained from my birthday celebration but I’m optimistic that by next week’s post I’ll have either lost all of the weight I gained or be able to say I lost that and then some. 

The goal for this week:
  • Utilize the resources on youtube offered by Jonathan Roche and company
  •  Break out the Jillian Michaels DVDS on days when I don’t go into the office
  • Use the step on days when I do not go into the office
Kanika invited me to join her for an aquacise class.  I don’t know how it will go for me but I do know that I braved bane of this shopping season—buying a bathing suit.  I found one I like and left the store not even feeling too despairing.  Nonetheless, my mother, my friend, and I all have suggestions for how stores could make it easier to buy a bathing suit.

First, I feel they should use only flattering light.  Candlelight in the fitting rooms would make the whole experience far more pleasant.

Second, my mother thinks they should have a hotline phone in the fitting rooms.  A hotline that goes straight to a suicide hotline. 

Third, my friend thinks they should serve wine to women who are shopping for swimsuits.  I think they should offer a glass for every suit tried.  Try on only one or two, you have a glass or two of wine. Try on 12, as I did, you’ll not only not care how you look in any of the suits any longer, you’ll probably buy them all! 


  1. Love the fitting room ideas although after that much wine the idea would probably come to me to burn the bathing suits with the candles.

    1. Heather, I guess we need a full bar. Wine wouldn't make me destructive but there's no saying what I'd do if they were giving me rum. And whiskey might not make me want to burn the suits but I'd probably want to punch someone in the face. :)

  2. Ha! Love the wine idea. I liked water classes when I took them -- especially when I was having joint problems. Good workout without jarring.

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Joy, I'm curious to see how well (or poorly) I'll handle it with my balance disorder and all. I mean, it's hard enough for me not to bump into things when I'm on solid ground. It maybe unbearable for me in water. Or I may love it. We'll know soon enough.

  3. I think you will like the water classes. I haven't taken any for a few years, but I did like them when I did.

    I want to shop for swimsuits with you!! Let's find the store that serves the wine and go there! Surely one will take your suggestions and put them into effect!

    1. Betty, I think we'd have a blast shopping together. If nothing else we could both end our shopping day going someplace for a much needed glass of wine. Or maybe we could find a place that makes different kinds of teas and try a new one. Speaking of which, I just remembered I have some new tea to try sitting in the kitchen. I think I'll make a cup for myself after my usual morning coffee.

  4. Satia, keep up the good work and you will get stronger in no time. Every bit of exercise helps! The bathing suite is cute. When I first started running I would get terribly sore. But after a while, this stopped. I think it helps to stretch my legs by walking on days that I run.

    1. Suko, My problem is I tend to injure myself. I don't mind a little post-workout soreness. In fact, when I wake up and don't feel any, I think I didn't "really" exercise That's when I have to remind myself of what you said: every bit helps.