Saturday, May 31, 2014

Home From a Glorious Trip Home (Part One)

What I wore to the airport
I came home on Thursday after leaving the previous Wednesday.  That’s right!  I was out of town from the 21st through the 29th.  Did you miss me?

Last year in April I went up north to visit my family and the timing was horrid.  Romanov had justdied, and I was still grieving his loss, feeling it every moment of every day. Although I’m always grateful to see my family, it was nonetheless, a difficult visit.

It was also the visit where I came up with the idea that Rob and I should visit New York and my mother and her husband gleefully offered to send us on our honeymoon.

This year everything went more smoothly than I could have hoped, especially when one considers that we were told we might have to put Holly to sleep merely a few weeks earlier.  Seriously, think about how scary that must have been, knowing I was getting ready for a trip and learning that a beloved dog (that just so happens to look like another much beloved dog) might have to be put to sleep . . .

It wasn’t good.

But this year the stories all have happy endings and there’s another tri p on our horizon.  (More on that later.)

I left on 21 May and arrived at my mother’s where we were alone, just the two of us because her husband was out of town.  Well, just the two of us if you don’t count Lizzie, my mother’s Shih Tzu, and Beauty, her parrot.  And one mustn’t discount them! 

I settled in quickly and my mother and I went out to dinner.  We were naughty and had waffles a la mode with stewed apples.  It was sooooo good.  We also went to Hot Jewelry Box in Ridgewood.  We call it the bling store and I wish they had a website so I could show you some of the sparkly wonderfulness contained within.  We found a couple of things for Bibi, including a precious bracelet.  My mother looked at a pin which I sneaked in with my one other item and had to surreptitiously purchase with her standing practically at my shoulder the entire time. 

Once we were home, we watched Tangled because I wanted my mother to enjoy the song “Mother Knows Best” which I knew she would love.   I didn’t expect we’d watch the whole movie but we did.  And I was right; she loved the song.  She enjoyed the whole movie, actually.  So we ended our first night on a good (but I was so exhausted) note.

The next day, I went into the city (by which I mean New York City)  to meet with Love.  Our mothers were pregnant together and Love was born 14 February while I was born a month late on 4 April.  (In other words, we should have been born only a couple of weeks apart but six weeks had to go by before I finally came out into the real world.)  I gave Love two gifts—a photograph and a bracelet.  My mother had bought me one and I bought one for Love (while I was buying the pin for my mother). 

Strike a pose
Although Love was tired from not getting a good night’s sleep (she’d had an argument with her son).  We still managed to have a wonderful time, catching up and loving one another.  The waitress took our picture at my request and I told Love she should strike a pose.  As you can see, I did but she didn’t.  Oops.  After lunch, we went to a bakery to buy her husband some cannoli and then we went to Sugar & Plumms, a glorious place I discovered on my honeymoon, for some macarons for me and my mother.  If you think they look pretty, you’ll have to take my word for it when I say they taste ten times as good as they look.

They do.  Really.

Once I was back in New Jersey and with my mother, we decided to have some real food and headed to her favorite Italian place.  I ordered linguini Bolognese.  We didn’t have dessert because we had macarons awaiting us at home.  (In case you don’t remember, when Rob and I had the macarons on our honeymoon, he decided they were so delicious that he went back to Sugar & Plumm’s to get more the very next day.  You know it’s something deliciously special when you want more the very next day.)

Macarons from Sugar & Plumm's
We ended the evening by baking a lemon cake and eating some of the macarons while watching Up which Rob kindly allowed me to borrow.  If my mother enjoyed Tangled, she loooooved Up.  So I was two for two in bringing DVDs for her enjoyment.  I headed off to bed, way past my bedtime and two days in a row of being up late was making me all the more tired.  And for some stupid reason, I was still waking up at 5am.  However, I forced myself to read a little and just go right back to sleep, if possible.  It worked a few times.  Not each and every time but almost nearly every time.

Friday we headed to Harmony Tea Room with my mother’s friend Barbara.  Rob and I have made cookies for Barbara because she had pancreatic cancer and we make delicious no-sugar added confections (like oatmeal and chocolate chip using bittersweet chocolate and almond biscotti and . . . well, you get the idea).  Barbara is frail but we were able to enjoy some tea, finger sandwiches, scones, and other deliciousness.  My favorite sandwich was a roll made with brown bread that had a curried filling.  It was my mother’s favorite too.  And the scone was wonderful, served with lemon curd and clotted cream and just the right amount of raspberry preserves.  There was no pretending, however, that Barbara is in a great deal of pain and holding onto life by a slender thread.  My mother thinks that she is determined to live to see her daughter married.  Sadly, she wouldn’t be the first person who lived long enough to see something important happen and then lose the strength to fight any longer.

Love and I are
wearing the bracelets
We had to do more work on the birthday cake.  You see, when my mother read aloud to me the measurements for the mix, I either misheard her or she said them wrong.  Either way, the layers came out of the oven the day before not quite as high as they ought to have been.  Which is how and why we ended up baking more lemon cake on Saturday.  We had four decent sized layers, enough lemon pudding to layer between, and two containers of lemon frosting.  And by Monday morning my mother and I had eaten nearly half of the cake.  Do the math.  If we ate nearly half of it between the two of us, that means we ate a whole cake (because we used two mixes and two frostings (albeit we didn’t use all of the second container, thank goodness). 

Is it any wonder that when I got home I had gained 8 lbs?  I don’t even know how much my mother gained.  I don’t want to know.  I just have to recommit to my exercise (I’ll post about that on Tuesday) and get back to eating better.  Certainly, I don’t need to eat half a cake by myself.  Ugh. 

Oh but it was delicious!

One of my favorite spots
to read in my mother's home
Saturday we headed back to Ridgewood for Thai food with Judy, my mother’s other dear friend.  (So far you’ve met Sachi (her daughter anyway) and Barbara and you’ll meet one more friend before this visit is over.)  I had never met Judy before and I was eager to finally meet the elusive and mysterious friend who is loving, generous, and does too much.  This last a statement made by both my mother and her husband so it must be true.  We talked about college (she’s a professor) and education (I do have a degree in secondary English after all) and other things.  It was a lovely lunch and I enjoyed my ginger chicken immensely.  So satisfying.  One of my favorites whenever I go anywhere for Thai food, if it is offered.  

That evening we ate leftovers and more lemon cake while watching Her.  My step-father doesn’t like Spike Jonze films and my mother was happy to see this one.  Visually she loved it.  In fact, she loved it right up until the end.  She wanted a different ending.  Frankly, I was content with the ending in the film but I know why she was disappointed even if I found the film more fulfilling than she did.  I went to bed late, yet again, way past my bedtime.

Look how pretty.  Oh so pretty.
Sunday we drove to New Paltz where we had lunch at the Village Tea Room.  The soup of the day was a Moroccan lentil that was amazing and my mother had a potato something that is not on the menu I found online so I can’t tell you what it’s specifically called but if you see something on the menu with potato served in a flaky crust order it.  Or the soup.  Both were amazing.  I also had (because I’m a glutton, apparently) a raspberry lemon cake.  It was very pretty and the frosting was that perfect buttercream that’s not too sweet.  The cake itself was a little dense and dry but it was still soooo tasty. 

My cousin Maureen arrived after we had finished out desserts so I felt less like a pig because there were fewer witnesses.  Hey!  It works for me.  Don’t judge. 

Sometimes my mother's driving
scares me a little
My Aunt Cecelia had seven children—four daughters, a son, and then two more daughters.  Maureen is the youngest and one year younger than I and, whenever I would come to visit them on Long Island in their pretty suburban Colonial home, I would spend all of my time with Maureen and Eileen, who was one year older than I.  Can you imagine how enchanted I was with this overflowing family, being an only child myself and where it was only me and my mother?  So many children under one roof and a television.  A television!  It was grand.  And they had a mother (my aunt, obviously) who didn’t have to work so she was there all of the time.  She even made lollipops from scratch!  And they had a piano, albeit an upright one, but it still seemed grand to me.

We had a lovely time catching up and only left when it came time to leave to avoid the traffic.  Larry was coming back home but wouldn’t be home until after midnight.  My mother and I had another quiet evening, with her ironing and my watching The Mentalist.  We were enjoying the simplicity of simply being together. 

It was the perfect way to begin what turned out to be nearly a perfect visit.  More to come, obviously.  But you have to agree:  this post is long enough already.


  1. It sounds heavenly! I can't wait to hear the rest! Glad you got to see so many people.

    1. Betty, My mother and I love one another soooo very much. It makes a world of difference. Even if all we had done was sit around the house, we would have had a lovely and love-filed time.

  2. Satia it sounds like a wonderful trip. And I admit that I am now craving macarons :)

    1. OE, If you ever get to NY, you simply must find a Sugar & Plumm's (there is one on the upper west side and another in the Village) and indulge. Costly but so delicious.

  3. I forgot to say, it's so nice to see a picture of Love. I have her thank you note written out, I just have to send it. I feel shitty for being such a slacker but it's so nice to finally put a face with her name.

    I love love love lemon cake. I'm glad you were able to enjoy and that all your much deserved indulgence didn't leave a lasting physical impression and left only delicious memories!

    1. You know, if you want, we could make lemon cake for you for your birthday. Something to think about.

  4. Oh, I'll be thinking about it alright. I'll be thinking about it for the next 5 months :)

  5. Maybe a lemon cake with lemon frosting and a raspberry jam filling? Is that too much to ask for? A simple lemon cake is just as divine. Even a lemon pound cake without frosting would be lovely.

    1. Are you kidding? Did you see the pic of the cake I had with my mother and Aunt Cecelia? Consider a definite possibility if you do not change your mind between then and now.