Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Has Come and Gone So Planning for June

‘Tis the end of the month which means it’s time for me to look at what’s on my horizon for June.  I had an eventful May and there’s a blog post full of info and pictures coming.  Okay.  More than one blog post because it was really That Full of Events that it will be best for me to break it up a bit.

But today is the last day of May and I have things already in mind for June.

Bullet Journal Update

I’m still working on getting into the Bullet Journal habit.  The past few months have been relentless with Holly being sick and then well and going into the office three and sometimes four times a week and things just seem to keep upsetting the apple cart, as it were.  I think the key for me is to look at it at the end of the day before I go to bed. I’ve been carrying it with me along with the books I am reading but then I end up reading instead of even glimpsing at my Moleskine.  I really have to be more committed.  The only thing keeping this from working for me is myself.  Unlike previous attempts with other systems, I really get a sense that this could and would work if I’d just put it into practice.  Not unlike finding the perfect exercise—you won’t get tone and lose weight if you don’t actually make yourself sweat.

Speaking of Exercise

I’m still not in a routine.  Today I’m going to sit down and map out my exercise agenda.  On days when I have to go to the office, I’ll do a short yoga practice (sun salutations) and the Scientific 7 Minute Workout.  Even if I oversleep a bit, I can squeeze these things in and take a shower to wash off the sweat.  On days when I am not going into the office, Rob and I will be walking but that isn’t really enough so a longer yoga practice and some HIIT.  I am feeling stronger, better able to catch myself, not dealing with knee discomfort.  The HIIT is perfect because it mixes cardio (which I enjoy more) with strength (which I find boring).  And because my schedule is irregular, I have to be flexible with what I do and when I do it. 

From Workout to Work

Things at the office continue to be . . .  interesting.  In March, one of the women turned in her two weeks’ notice but then decided to stay, probably persuaded to do so by the doctor.  In early April, a consultant was introduced to the mix and she’s there to help get everything running smoothly.  She noticed we don’t have an office manager and, in our first meeting, seemed to single out the front desk person.  Which is probably why, just before I left the office for the last couple of weeks, she had turned in her notice.  If I had not been going out of town (I promise the blog post(s) will be written soon), I could have easily interjected myself to learn the new skills necessary to do most of what she does in the two weeks but I was not there to learn things. 

In the meantime, I’m not doing any medical billing and coding, which is the whole purpose of my being there three mornings a week.  But the woman who is supposed to be training me is too overwhelmed so she asks me to print documents and do data entry and sometimes she even asks me to type something up.  Albeit, she only asks me to do that last thing because I pointed out to her that she is there to do coding and I can type very fast (80-100 wpm) so there’s no reason for her to stop what she is doing to type up something I can do in half the time it would take her.  Not to mention she has to use “my” computer to print which means I also have to stop doing anything while she slowly taps her way through even a short letter.

And all of this is why I am going to tell the doctor that I need a stipend of some sort, if not an actual salary of some sort.  I only come in a few hours but I’d be happy to come in for more hours a week if I could afford to do so and I could afford to do so if I had some sort of money coming my way.

But I’m Supposed to be Writing About June

If I’m not working at all in June, I’ll be focusing on earning more Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and training myself to manage the dogs better.  Rob’s been taking dog training classes but since I was out of town for some of the lessons he went with Joe.  It was just poor timing (again) and I am trying to catch up with what Rob and Joe already know. 

And Rob turns 43 this year.  We’re planning a repeat of what we did for my birthday—just invite everyone and hope they all (or most of them) show up.  Cake and ice cream and pizza, of course.  Chips and dip and such for stragglers.  It will be a full day of fun.

So June begins tomorrow and I get to reboot my life.  At least that’s how it feels right now.  Tomorrow, I’ll post the first of the Satia’s Vacation posts.  Not sure how many it will take to get through all the fun I had but I’m sure I’ll hit all of the highlights.  Truth is, I’ve only been home since Thursday and I’m already ready to go back.  I don’t like my real life and I far prefer being pampered over cleaning up dog vomit and shit.   


  1. May went by quickly for me as it was a busy month. I hope your June is memorable in a good manner, Satia.

    1. Suko, It promises to be a full month and so long as I make time to write about what happens, I'll remember some of the details. I swear, without my journal, I'd not remember anything, let alone the details of my past.

  2. I'm sure the pampering definitely beats out the cleaning up. Sounds like June is going to be busy too! When is the next trip?

    1. Sometime in September, Betty, assuming all goes well.