Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekly Update: A View from a Bed (Rest)

Seriously, what is there to say?

I’ve been stuck on bed rest for the entire week.  I read.  I watch things on Netflix, on DVD, on whatever.  I listen to music. I fill my day and time.  It’s funny.  To write it all out would seem so boring but I’m not the least bit bored. 

Well, maybe a little bored.  Bored with social media.  I debated deleting my twitter account, the utility of which eludes me.  I have tried to amuse myself on google+ but find myself offended or ambivalent, rarely amused or intrigued. 

For example, someone posed an image of a mother and her daughter shopping at Walmart.  The young girl had her back to the camera but, judging by her long colt-like legs, she’s about 13 or 14.  The mother you can see well enough for her to be recognizable.  The photo made it look like the girl was wearing only a t-shirt and flip-flops—nothing from the waist down. 

Apparently, the person who shared this photo thought it was amusing.  After all, she was wearing only a t-shirt and was asking for it, right?  Ha-ha-ha.

But the image was apparently photo-shopped and the young girl in the image was actually wearing a pair of shorts.  So someone thought it would oh-so-hilarious to make it look like this young girl was shopping without anything on from the waist-down when she wasn’t.  Isn’t that funny?  Can you hear me laughing?

Of course, when the original image was shared with the person who posted the bullshit, the post was not removed.  Nope. It’s still funny after all to take a photo of a minor and make it look like she’s half-naked in a public store because nobody can recognize a child from the back, right?  Well, maybe they could recognize the mother who is standing right there.

And let’s argue for even a moment that the “girl” is actually not a minor, that she’s 20 or 21; does her age even matter?  Is it ever right to take a picture of someone, male or female, and modify it so that the person appears to be naked?  Assume what you will, it doesn’t look like this girl/young woman was aware that her picture was being taken and did not, in any way, give permission to have her picture taken and/or photo-shopped to shame her.

It’s vulgar, not funny, and I really have no stomach for things like this.  But this is the sort of thing people like and they share and they plus and it is ubiquitous.

So ironically, although I have more time to be online, I’ve actually been so uninterested in what is online that I’m just ignoring the world wide web.  Anyway, I could bore you with the things I’m doing (reading, watching, listening) or I can rant about how unhappy the internet makes me (the list of things that I find boring or offensive is endless, truly) or I can just say this:

I’m still on bed rest, my knee still hurts, and I’m actually enjoying my oh-so-quiet life.


  1. I so hope you are up and around very soon! There is lots of crap on the internet that gets shared every day that amazes me. People love exposing other people in more ways than one.

    1. Betty, It's just so disheartening but I suppose it's just as well. I have so much time on my hands and I don't need to spend it exposing myself to cruelty. Staying away from the internet has it's strong points right now.