Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In: Still Losing! Yay!

Still losing weight!  I managed to drop another 1.5 lbs (.68 kg) and have lost all of the weight I gained during my son’s visit.  I’m a mere 2 lbs away from being where I was before I went to visit my mother and gained weight as well.  Lots of yo-yo stuff the past few weeks.  On the plus side, I’m successfully losing weight while on bed rest. 

Yes, I’m using my free weights to work my upper body.

Yes, I’m doing abs. 

And yes, I’m being very careful how I eat, not over-indulging or letting myself get carried away because the only way my knee is going to get better and I will be pain free is if I lose weight.  My being on bed rest is not an excuse or even a reason not to do some exercise.  For abs, I am limited so there isn’t a great deal of variety.  Nonetheless, if the scale isn’t misleading me, then what I’m doing is working and, when my knee is better and I can exercise again, I’ll be able to almost pick up where I left off.  Or close enough that I won’t be stumbling about too much. 

Do I have ideas for what I’ll do when my knee is all better?  Of course I do!  In the meantime, I am content to do what I’m doing. 


  1. Great job doing what you can -- and thinking ahead to when you can do more!

    1. Joy, I always think ahead. I don't especially like exercising so if I don't have a plan in place for keeping it interesting and changing, I'll very quickly find myself doing "more important" things and gaining weight.

  2. Yeah! At least you can still get some exercise and lose weight. I hope you are up and exercising your whole body soon.