Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Update: A Good Week That Got Better and Better

Stress free dog's life
Relief at last. 

On Monday I went to have an MRI and mammogram and, on Thursday, with the MRI results in hand, the orthopedist said I should have a cortisone shot, which would relieve the pressure, reduce the pain, etc.  I was warned that the next day or two could prove to be uncomfortable.  Fair enough.  But if I could hope for relief by Sunday then two more days of pain was nothing to concern myself over.  The pain never returned. Once I had the shot, it simply diminished slowly, ebbing and flowing but mostly ebbing. 

Can you imagine my joy, waking up Friday morning without a limp?  It returned but only slightly.  And Saturday, when Rob had a day-long gig, I was able to take the dogs out into the back yard with only the slightest bit of difficulty.  I’m so close to back to normal, I wish I’d had the shot sooner.  But I know that this is not a solution, that using cortisone is a quick fix that comes with a cost.  So I’m committed to continuing with the physical therapy exercises, building on them gradually over the rest of the year with hopes that by the year’s end I’ll be back to exercising fully. 

Shira's gifts.
One is on back order.
Any day now.
Fully but with limitations.   In the coming weeks, I’ll describe some of the modifications I’ll be making to keep up with the exercise regimen I had been doing which was helping me to lose weight.  Fingers crossed, I can get back on track and back to losing weight.  I won’t lie:  I worry that by holding myself back I won’t see any results.  But I’d rather hold myself back than be in pain.  The pressure to lose weight is increased, of course, because less weight means less stress on my joints and I must limit the stress on my joints whatever else I can do. 

I did not gain or lose weight this week.

Our first pizza choice
was super crowded
so we were looking for
an alternate pizza place.
You would think that my being pain free would be the highlight of the week but it wasn’t.  Nope.  I wrote all about what made my week extra special in this blog post.   And we had a great time.  Afterwards, she said something about how nice it was to be able to talk, something we are unable to do when we all get together.  I have been feeling I need more one-on-one time with my children and what Shira said confirmed what I’ve been sensing.  My children and I need time together, to just be the two of us. It gets harder as they get older, however.  Joe and I have been talking about the two of us going out for lunch or something as soon as my knee is better. Not quite there yet but I’m getting there.  So any day now, me and my son will have some time with just the two of us. 

It’s hard to believe that one week from today I’ll be writing my end of month post.  How is it possible that August is almost behind us?  The rest of this week promises to be good.  I’ll do my prescribed exercises.  I’ll read and write and plan. 

By the end of the week I’ll be free to walk on my own two feet.  Oh boy!

Oh boy!


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    1. Thank you, Martin. Now I have to commit to keeping up with the physical therapy exercises and try to build up from there. I'll be focusing a lot more on strength training and such, which is not my preferred form of exercise.

  2. So awesome that you woke up pain-free Satia!! :)

    1. I was/am too, OE. Did you see the poll over to the upper left? Figured you might enjoy chiming in with your choice. :)

  3. Satia,

    I'm so glad you are pain-free. Pleasure is the absence of pain. You will enjoy time with your children even more. :-0

    1. Suko, As am I. I'm gradually building back up to my usual routine, being very careful with myself so that I don't get so enthusiastic that I hurt myself again.