Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Update Plus Month's End Looking Forward

A weekly update and month’s end post all in one?  Uh oh.  Hope you’re ready for a long one.

Having a pain-free knee has made a difference in everything.  I’m able to help with housework, move about to fetch myself some water or a book, even as I refrain from overdoing things.  Most of my exercise has been limited to the physical therapy exercises I did while waiting to see the orthopedist.  I say “most” because I did go for a walk with Kanika. Two miles and it felt so good.  Just like old times!

Blogger corrected the image
and reoriented it so it would be
right-side up.
Another upside-down drawing exercise,
unfinished because I ran out of time.
Nonetheless, I gained weight.  Only half a pound but every ounce is putting me further and further away from my goal which is increasingly out of reach.  Before I injured my knee and stopped exercising, I had been using My Fitness Pal with little success.  People were eager to friend me but, per usual, not eager to interact.  I would leave encouraging comments on their posts and they would give me a thumbs up click of the link.  (Similar to liking something on Facebook or plussing something on Google+ in that it takes no time or any real thought.)  I’m considering just giving up on it altogether now because, even when I posted about finally being pain free nobody said anything so it seems to me that they have better things to do and when I’m feeling discouraged about gaining weight and all I need encouragement more than ever.  Especially when, over the next few months, I’ll be dealing with the challenge of creating an exercise regimen that is both effective and will not risk injury. 

My choices are:
  • Stick with MFP and try to reach out to more people to add more friends
  • Find another website like MFP (I’ve tried SparkPeople and LiveStrong and would be willing to return to either of these, I suppose)
  • Resurrect my Body Blog which I stopped using several years ago

I’ll think about it some more in the next few weeks and make a decision which I’ll begin in October.  If you have any thoughts, don’t hesitate to chime in with a comment.  I’m trying to make a decision and I often find that easiest to do when I can weigh the pros and cons through dialogue with myself or others.

Really, don't know why
blogger is flipping the photos.
Anyway, another upside-down drawing.
Not only did I get to see Kanika this weekend but on Thursday my son, Marc, came back to town for Dragon Con.  I love it when Marc is in town!  We went over to Joe and Erin’s to play a board game that night which is why I was oh-so-tired on Friday.  He went to DC in costume on Saturday (dressed as Poison) and on Sunday (today) he took Shira with him.  So he was able to see everyone in the family.  Isn’t that perfect? 

Saturday I also talked with Love and had a lovely quiet afternoon chat and pizza for supper with Mary who came over after not seeing one another for months and months.  We are going to hang out again in October.  I have a birthday gift for her somewhere around here but I misplaced it.  (I also misplaced Matt’s and Pia’s birthday gifts.  Not sure where any of them are but I suspect they are all together and will be found any day now.)

So all-in-all, it was a good week.

September is going to GREAT!

Or maybe not.  You see, first the television in the room where I typically play the exercise DVDs and watch my movies, is the one that quit working.  We have another, smaller one, that will take its place so it’s not a crisis.  Just a disruption.

More worrisome is our car which is having transmission problems.  Transmissions don’t come cheap but what can you do.  If I were working, we could think about buying a “new” used car but that isn’t an option.  So we can only hope for the best.  We won’t know where we stand with the car until later this week but it is something that could influence the rest of September. 

But September won’t be all gloom and doom!  Rob and I are going to London, England.  This will be the first trip out of the United State for the both of us.  And what a first it shall be!  The whole time I was stuck in bed, a part of me was worried that I’d be unable to take full advantage of this opportunity.  How was I going to walk around museums or a castle when I could barely limp along with my cane?  Truth is, that was one of the reasons I was feeling so discouraged about the ongoing pain.  Truth is, that’s part of the reason I’m so delighted and relieved that I am pain free!  

Finally, it didn't flip the pic.
Last upside-down drawing.
What You Can Expect in September?

Well, I’ll do like I did last year when we went to New York.  I’ll post a series or “itinerary” posts of things we plan on doing on what days.  Naturally, there will be changes in the plans, just as there were when we went to New York.  Or perhaps the itinerary will stand firm.  You never know.  Our friend, Chris, will house and dog sit for us while we’re out of town.  We’ll worry about Holly, naturally enough.  Still, she knows him and will survive the distress of our leaving while benefitting from the knowledge that we may go away but we’ll never ever abandon her.  She’s our girl.   Snowdoll has experienced our leaving and returning more than once so, although it’s disruptive, it won’t be quite so traumatic.

So the next couple of weeks will be busy with the car and getting ready for our trip, packing things and making sure we have everything as planned out as can be.  I’ll be making the itinerary blog posts and some book review posts as well.  Hopefully, you won’t even notice I’m gone.   Of course, if you see me around google+ or twitter or tumblr, you won’t see me posting there or linking over to my blog posts.  You’ll have to remember to check in without my reminders.  Sorry.  Not much I can do about that.  I trust you’ll forgive me. 

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  1. I think it is difficult to get people to interact. I found blogging helped me the most with my weight loss. I probably need to get back to it since I have gained a few pounds back.

    I am anxious to hear all about your London trip!! I am so happy that you are feeling better and will be able to really enjoy the trip.

    I know how much you enjoy spending time with your children. It is great that Marc got to make a trip home again.

    1. Okay. One vote for resurrecting the Body Blog.

      I'm eager to share all that we do on the trip.

      I am happy to have him here but I haven't seen much of him, to be honest. I didn't expect to see much of him and that is okay. He plans on returning for Christmas.

  2. So glad your knee is feeling better. And you're right, September WILL be great...especially with a London visit in store!!

    1. Me too! I am trying not to go overboard with enthusiasm now that I can do more but it's so nice to be able to plan our trip around my ability to walk rather than my assuming I'd be stuck hobbling around with a cane.

  3. I like MFP for the tracking but I haven't done anything socially with it. When I need encouragement, I turn to the 3 Fat Chicks forum. Daily. Usually twice and, sometimes, more. I'm gardenerjoy over there, so you can see which groups I interact with the most.

    I was worried about you, your knee, and London, too. So glad that you're in a much better place regarding that!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Thank you, Joy. I was worried too and it was affecting my overall mood towards everything. I'm so relieved to be able to walk again. Now I can plan the trip with enthusiasm.

      I'm not too keen on forums. Every time I've been harassed online, including the times I was stalked from one place to another, the cyberbullying began on a forum. I never feel safe on them.