Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tentative Itinerary 2015: Day Eight

This is our final full day in London and what we do will depend so much on what we've already done.  Rob will want to come home with a souvenir but he is not the type to settle for just any old thing.  (Remember our first day in NY when we spent the whole day trying to find one jacket and one cap?  Picture that only it can't be something ordinary, like an article of clothing, but something significant, symbolic, special.) 

If Rob didn't already find Something Perfect, we'll head to Camden Market. 

If, however, he has found something, then we're off on another all day excursion to Hatfield House.

If we haven't found a portrait of Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury by then, we'll find one at Hatfield House because this is the Cecil ancestral estate.  (Oh how the mighty have fallen, but don't tell Rob I said that.)

So much will depend on so many things.  Will we still have any money to spend?  Will the weather be lovely or not?  Will we have already found something for Rob? Seen a Robert Cecil portrait?  All of these questions will determine what we actually end up doing on our final day in London. 

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