Friday, October 03, 2014

London Trip: Day One: Leaving on a Jet Plane

It amused me that the tray
was magnetic so the flatware
wouldn't fall off.
Two weeks ago, we were heading out the door and flying off to London.   But we weren’t leaving with a lot of confidence.

Now, last year we had asked our friend Fokes to watch Snowdoll.  We would have asked Chris but he’d just lost his beloved German Shepard Aspen and we felt he might be too emotionally fragile to want to do it.  And asking Fokes left us feeling confident as we headed to New York.

So why didn’t we ask him again?  In between then and now, he had adopted a dog of his own and the thought of three dogs was a bit much.  Of course, we would have said he could bring his dog, Maggie, but we were equally confident that Chris could handle the two dogs and had experienced enough emotional healing to love being with our two dogs.

A couple of weeks ahead of time, however, our choice was leaving us with less confidence than we felt the year before.  Chris was supposed to come over but wasn’t feeling well.  We rescheduled.  He was still unwell.  Then the following week, a friend had a crisis so he had to reschedule again. Which is how we ended up asking Fokes to be our back-up.  Yes, bring Maggie.  Yes, bring your girlfriend over. 

He makes it look so easy.
And, fortunately, Chris and Fokes had been roommates in the past.  They could live together and, truth is, we figured having both of them here would be best because it would double the chances of having someone here.  We definitely were feeling better but not necessarily confident.  And Holly is still so delicate; the more attention she received while we were out of town, the happier we all would be.

We left, believing there would be at least two, sometimes three, people here tending to our dog’s needs, knowing they could call on Joe as well, to back them up as needed.  Plus, we left money for them to use if they wanted or needed to take the dogs to day camp.  All of our doggy ducks were in a row.

Getting to the airport was easy but Rob had miscalculated the time we had to be there, not allowing enough time.  When traveling internationally, you have to be there 3 hours before boarding, not departure, and Rob calculated 2 hours before departure.  I didn’t realize this miscalculation until we were in the car with Chris.  I tried not to panic and, thankfully, we made it to the gate with a little time to spare. 

I want to see it again
because I think I missed
some of the nuance in the
Once we got on the plane, it was easy enough to settle in.  We ordered our food shortly after boarding while I enjoyed a glass of champagne and acclimated myself to the space, figuring out how to work the remote so I could enjoy a movie before (hopefully) falling asleep.  Rob’s blood sugars, however, started being a problem.  We asked the flight attendant to bring all of his meal to him immediately, rather than course by course.  They were happy to accommodate our request and Rob was able to eat and was soon fast asleep. 

Before leaving, Kanika had suggested I should get a sticky toffee pudding.  Well, guess what they had for a dessert option on the menu?  Yep.  So I ordered it and it was a lot sweeter than I typically love.  It was good, don’t get me wrong, but I was so glad I ordered a decaf coffee to have with the dessert.  It cut through the sweetness. 

I knew I needed to exhaust myself and hadn’t allowed myself a nap that day.  I decided to watch a movie.  Since Rob was asleep and not watching one with me, I chose Only Lovers Left Alive.  A good choice but, in order to hear every bit of dialogue, I would have had to blast the volume, something I simply did not want to do.  Still, by the time the movie was over, I was ready to try to sleep.  I succeeded, for a while, but I was awake before anyone else was.  When the flight attendant came around, I asked for something for Rob to have, if he should happen to wake up needing to eat right away. 

Thoughtful wife is thoughtful.
I spent the rest of the flight listening to music.  Shortly before we landed, Rob woke up and, once again, he was sick.  Remember our flight to New York and from New York?  Rob was sick then as well.  His sugar levels were all over the place then and now.  He tried to find a sick bag but he didn’t have one in his seat area.  Neither did I.  He had no choice but get up and go to the bathroom.

And that is how Rob stopped the plane on the tarmac.  Apparently, they could not taxi the plane to the gate until everyone was bucked and in their seats.  Seriously.  It was so bad that one of the flight attendants approached me, asking if I could do anything.  Yeah, I could give him the air sick bag that was supposed to be at every seat.  Oh wait!  Neither Rob nor I had one.   I felt sorry for the other passengers because we had all been on this plane for hours and no doubt I wasn’t the only one ready to get out into some fresh air.

But we didn’t land until Saturday and this post is supposed to only be about our Friday, the first day of our trip to London.  So I’ll end this post with our all being stuck on the plane, unable to depart until Rob stopped being sick in the bathroom and was safely buckled in his seat again.


  1. Satia, I'm glad it worked out well in spite of a some issues at the beginning of the trip.

    1. Suko, I can't believe how sick Rob was this time around. Much more ill than he was when we went to NY. :(

  2. Wow! Not a great start. I can't sleep on planes at all, so my "first day" of a trip to Europe is like an all-nighter. But I always sleep really well when I finally get to bed that night, and I'm ready to go the next day. So, it ends up working pretty well.

    Love your background photo with the Telephone boxes!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Joy, Thank you. I had to pick this background for obvious reasons! I had horrible hot flashes the entire trip so my sleep was only restful once or twice. But that didn't stop me from having a wonderful time.

  3. So sorry Rob was sick! Hope he's feeling better!

    1. Vicki, He does get better and we do manage to enjoy our trip. But he was very sick the first day we were there and I spent the day in the hotel, not even stepping outside into the courtyard, believe it or not. :(