Monday, October 06, 2014

Monday in London (with bonus pictures)

Rob took a lot of pictures.
You can imagine with what anticipation we ordered Monday morning’s breakfast to be delivered to our room.  I didn’t want to eat in the room, obviously, more than ready at this point to get out and do something, anything, but stay there, but I also didn’t want to go downstairs for breakfast and have to leave prematurely because Rob’s stomach was upset again.

We didn’t need to worry, however.  Breakfast arrived and we were able to enjoy it to the fullest. Rob’s order still played it safe—toast and eggs.  I kept my meal simple as well, knowing that the aroma of food was potentially nauseating. 

Both of us ate our food with pleasure and we were finally able to make plans to leave the hotel.  Now, if you take the time to look at our tentative itinerary, you’ll see that we had already missed out on a lot of exciting things, including going to the first Irish pub in London, seeing the changing of the guard, an afternoon tea, walks through one or more parks and other landmarks.  With Rob finally feeling strong enough to brave the real world, we picked up our tentative itinerary where it ought to be, not backtracking at all.

You can't even imagine how many.
We headed to the British Museum.  We could have taken a bus or cab but preferred to walk from the hotel to the museum.  Can you blame us?  We had been mostly sitting since Friday afternoon. 

We walked by Buckingham Palace, past the Queen Victoria Memorial, walked along the Mall, Through Charing Cross, Leicester Square, with Rob stopping to take pictures along the way.  In other words, we saw many things along the way that surprised and delighted us. 

This is made of porcelain
Before we left the hotel, I had told Rob about the pigeons but he didn’t believe me.  I grew up in NY so I know from pigeons but, when I went out to get medicine for Rob, I was surprised to see how very large some of the pigeons were.  I’ve seen full grown chickens that are smaller than these pigeons.  Okay.  I exaggerate slightly but, believe me, the pigeons in London could easily kick some NY city pigeon tail-feathers. 

He believed me before we reached the museum and no longer wasted breath accusing me of exaggeration.  If he had already seen the ravens of London Tower, I’ll bet he would not have wasted a moment’s breath debating my veracity.  However, we had not yet experienced the enormity of the ravens so it is understandable that he would treat my pigeon warnings casually.

We arrived at the museum with time to spare.  We paid for some water and then I explored the gift shop until the exhibits officially opened.  Rob wanted to see the Egyptian exhibit most of all and we explored to our heart’s content until it was time to head to the Japanese exhibit because the museum offers free educational tours. 

My tart on a pretty plate.
After the tour, we went to have lunch, looking at the menu of a café.  We ended up eating at the Great Court.  Rob had a mushroom soup while I ordered a caramelized onion and dolce latte tart with a chive sauce.  I had a taste of Rob’s soup and it was delicious.  The tart I ordered was good when eaten as a whole—pastry with onions with sauce.  However, the individual parts were themselves, not tasty.  This interested me because the different elements should stand on their own yet the overall effect of the three was quite good.

We then moved on to the rest of the museum, going through the Sutton Hoo and medieval exhibits and so much more that I honestly couldn’t list them all without boring you.  Our trip ended with my buying a book and postcard.  We tried to find something other than books for gifts but everything I found was a book and Rob wanted to wait and see if we could find other things.  (Remember:  Rob loves to shop so I suspect he was hoping we would get to the end of our trip without gifts and would perforce have to spend a day shopping.)

Rob photobombs
a pic I'm taking of a store.
Walking home, however, was rough.  I don’t know if the pain was due to my being unaccustomed to walking, thanks to my being stuck in bed for almost the entire summer.  Or if the uneven ground, the occasional cobblestone paths and such were too difficult for me.  After all, I have a hard enough time walking with ease on a perfectly smooth surface.  You can imagine how much more challenging all of this was.  Rob ended up getting a cab for us, much to my relief.

Back at the hotel, we ordered another DVD and I took a hot shower, trying to steam away some of the pain in my body.  But they delivered the wrong DVD and we had to request an exchange.  I mention this because the concierge who brought the correct DVD became our go-to-guy, telling us where we could go for different things, showing us shortcuts, and encouraging us to have a more British London experience.  Honestly, the attention the staff at the Taj Hotel provides is superlative!

We headed off for a simple meal.  Rob had wanted fish & chips.  Because he was feeling better and had been able to keep food down.  I had a bowl of minestrone soup.  We both found the food uninspired.  After dinner, we went back to the hotel where I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine (far better than my soup) and we watched the DVD. 

It was our first day of fully enjoying our trip to London.  From beginning to end, we had a wonderful time, even when the food wasn’t living up to our expectations.  One doesn’t have to have good food to have a good time.  Having Rob healthy and able to enjoy our holiday was good enough for me.

Rob took this picture for me because
this gorgeous lion reminded me of Holly.

Every morning, the paper arrives
in one of these burlap bags.
Rob enjoying his soup at the museum.


  1. Sounds like a much more exciting day. I found most of the food to be pretty unexceptional.

    1. Betty, We were pretty lucky, frankly, but that's because we lucked out towards the end. I'll be telling that story soon enough. ;)

  2. Satia, I am enjoying your photos and stories about your trip! :)

    1. Suko, I am so glad you take the time to not only look but leave a comment. It means a lot to me.

  3. The British Museum is the top of my list of things I wish we'd gone to, but we couldn't see everything. Next trip!

    I tripped on our first night in London -- those are really uneven sidewalks!

    1. Joy, I know! Imagine walking on them with a balance disorder and you can see why walking around was a challenge for me. Even Rob tripped a few times. I hope you do get to go to London again. I hope Rob and I get to go again too. So much to see and do!