Thursday, October 02, 2014

New Month Faced With Optimism

One of several cuts on Holly
Can you tell I’m still catching up with the real world?  I haven’t even started writing the vacation posts but I assure you they’re coming.  

Consider yourself duly warned.  
Of course, you know that September included a trip to London for me and Rob.  What you do not know is that we aren’t the only ones who were anticipating a trip.  In September, Joe learned that he had earned a bonus for doing a good job:  a trip for two to Disney World.  Can you imagine how excited he and Bibi are to go on this trip?  And I can’t describe how proud I am of him. 

Then imagine everyone’s surprise when my step-father offered to pay for Erin to go, paying for her flight and passes to the park.  So Rob and I weren’t the only ones with travel excitement in September (although Joe & Co are still looking forward to their trip).

Doing housework
October promised to be a good one, even without Joe & Co heading to Disney World. 

We have not one, not two, but three birthdays.  Erin and Joe and Marc all celebrate in October.  And Rob’s brother and mother also have birthdays in October.  So, we already had every reason to know that October would be special, would be a good month.  How could it be anything else with family traveling to Disney World and so many birthdays for so many wonderful people?

What’s in store for October besides birthdays?

I have a couple of projects on my calendar, both involving writing.  And I have a manuscript to read for a family member.  (By that I mean I won’t make any money.) 

I’m still being careful with my physical health after spending the summer in so much pain.  My plan in October is to continue using the stationary recumbent bike, to add some strength training while still remaining cautious, and doing some form of stretching at least twice a week.  But I don’t want to do anything that could cause me injury.  Fact:  I’m scared to hurt myself again.  I’ve no doubt that nobody can blame me for feeling this way.  I draw comfort from knowing that I’ve faced this sort of fear before and overcome it.  The proof is in the attic—my walker, which I haven’t needed since 2007/8.
There are other things to do that will fill the month.  Life goes on but, I confess, I wasn’t home for 24 hours before I wanted to leave on another vacation.  But I’ll save that for another blog post. 

Did anything special happen in your life this September?
Are you looking forward to anything special in October?  


  1. Your trip to London, and the trip to Disney World sound awesome. We have months like that were there are a lot of birthdays in one month. October for us son, grandson, and aunt.

    1. Maybe there's something about October . . . too many people having carnal knowledge of one another in January, I suppose. LOL!

    2. Having worked in a position that required I frequently check people's ids, I can tell you, I saw more October birthdays than any other month. Or I'm biased and only remember those who share a birth month with me. Could be either one.

    3. Rob and I once debated about this once so we looked it up. According to the US census the birth rates are as follows: September, August, June, July.

      Surprised me.

  2. That's so great that they are all getting to go to Disney together.

    1. Betty, I know. It was lovely that Erin was willing to stay home but I'm so glad it isn't necessary and she can enjoy the trip with Bibi. Nothing quite like seeing a vacation like this through the eyes of a child.

    2. I am beyond grateful that your mom and her husband are making it possible for me to go with Joe and Bibi. And of course, this is all for Bibi so to get to see her do something like this, which is really something special, is just a once in a lifetime thing. We've taken her to the beach a couple times and we had a small vacation this summer but this is just going to be spectacular.
      She really deserves to be spoiled like this every once and a while. She'll never be six again and this is truly the perfect age for her to go. She might have a few really special memories and it's really the age that this is most appealing to, I would say. Of course WDW has many things that appeal to adults but the attractions and rides are far more magical at Bibi's age. I love that she is getting to experience something that I never even dreamed about as a kid because it was not economically possible for my VERY large family to think about a vacation, much less one to some place like Disney.

      And I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip to London!

    3. Erin, I know. I was just saying how Bibi is the perfect age for this trip. Just old enough to remember everything and still young enough to be enchanted by everything. I know that there is soooooo much to do and that others are suggesting what you simply MUST do so I promise that I won't pout if you can't make it to the Peter Pan ride. Or I promise not to pout much and definitely not when you or anyone can see me pouting. :)

  3. I think we may have already reserved the fast pass for the Peter Pan ride. It's happening. Joe has been making his selections today. Really, we are going to try and just do the things that really interest us. We only have 5 days, and when you consider that we have the Halloween Party on Monday and we have to leave around 3 on Friday, we only have 3 full days. Joe and I have already discussed that we won't spend time rushing trying to fit every thing. Which is why we are focusing only on what we want to do. Which is a lot but so much that we will be squeezing anything in.

    It's our first trip but certainly not our last so rushing and squeezing the whole experience doesn't make sense in the grand scheme of our trip. Can't wait though! One week left!

    1. Erin, "our first but not our last" is the way to go. I didn't want to give you a long list of things you simply Must do because I know you all should go to where you want to go, see what you want to see. Except for the one ride. That ride is magical.