Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Not Quite How I Wanted to End the New Year

I’m typing my last post of 2014 on my laptop which is about to be shipped off to the manufacturer for repairs.  We will be boxing it up and sending it away tomorrow (Wednesday, 31 December).  I’ll be using my older, much slower, laptop mostly to keep my inbox from becoming too cluttered and apply for jobs.

That’s what I’ll be doing in between other things.  The largest room in our home, which I call “the great room” because I think it’s great, had a leak in the roof. That was quickly patched up and with plans to do more than a quick patch job when the weather is warm again.  But then we noticed a problem in the floor.  There’s a squishy spot and since the floor is carpet over concrete, it’s safe to say that the floor shouldn’t be spongey.

 It would seem the leak has been working its way into the foundation of the floor. 

So today Marc leaves for home (Chicago) and tomorrow, on top of sending off my laptop, we’ll be packing up all of the holiday decorations so we can then move all of the furniture out of the great room.  Odds are the carpet will need to be replaced and all of this is going to create quite a bit of chaos in our home.  Instead of having a quiet, reflective lead in into the new year, it’s going to be work, organizing, cleaning, packing up, unpacking, etc.

On the plus side, I’ve long wanted to rearrange the furniture in the great room and Rob has resisted it. However, with everything being taken out, it only makes sense that we rearrange things at least a little.

So I expect I won’t be online much between now and maybe 14 January. Assuming the floor repairs are completed by then, I’ll have rearranged my favorite room in the house.  If not, then I might not be online a lot because there will still be a lot that’s being done in our house. 

Until the repairs (floor and laptop) are completed, we will be in a state of chaos and limited online time.  I’ll be reading. I’ll be writing.  And maybe I’ll find pockets of time in which I can quietly reflect on what has been a truly wonderful, it not necessarily life altering, year.   


  1. Best of luck with your repairs, Satia! Have a safe and happy New Year's!

    1. Suko, We managed to get all of the holiday decorations put away. Now I begin the next phase and start packing up all of the books. I need more boxes . . .

  2. Hopefully, the laptop is about repaired at this point. I would be lost without mine (even though my Internet presence has been very light lately). I also hope that the water damage done to your "great" room isn't too hard or too pricey to fix. Hope your New Year gets better Satia.

    1. Samael, The laptop was fixed very quickly but then I was sick and now we have renovations happening in the largest room of the house. This has just been a weird start to my year altogether.