Saturday, February 28, 2015

Master Cleanse Day 2

Renovations go slowly.

Abstinence leaves room for observation.  When I was working with my doctor and a nutritionist to see what improvements could be made in my diet to help me lose weight.  The only problem they could find with my diet was that I wasn’t eating enough calories.  So it doesn’t surprise me to say that, although I am hungry, I don’t feel that I’m consumed with hunger. The MC drink itself is tasty enough and the cup of peppermint tea was a lovely change of pace. 

Because of Rob’s diabetes, our meals are scheduled.  We eat lunch and dinner at the same time every day.  I am usually up earlier than he is so my breakfast is earlier. Otherwise, we eat almost everything together.  I also snack, typically on cheese or mixed nuts or raw veggies.   Sometimes, I “remember” to snack when my hands start to shake because of low blood sugar. 

But I noticed the other day, as I was preparing the food for the dogs, I realized that I have gotten into the habit of having some cheese whenever I feed the dogs.  Is this just another way for me to schedule more food into my diet?  Or is it a habit to eat something when I’m feeding the dogs?  Hmmmm . . .

When I ease myself out of the MC, Rob and I are going to be looking more closely at our portion sizes.  He found something on ebay about which I’ll be writing more after the cleanse. In the meantime, I confess I’m finding the whole deprivation thing easier than I thought I would, especially given the lack of variety in what I am allowed to enjoy.  But Westen says that the most challenging days are typically the second and third and, so far, I’ve only made it through the second. We’ll see how today goes.


  1. The second and third days are the hardest but it really all depends on how clean or unhealthy your diet was beforehand. If you ate a lot of sugar or drank a lot of caffeine or over indulge in fatty foods or alcohol you're going to experience withdrawal. If your diet is fairly clean and healthy you most likely won't experience the piercing headaches, moodiness and sometimes flu like symptoms that result from chemical detox and withdrawal.

    I did a 3 day ease in to my master cleanse where most of my withdrawal symptoms occurred. It made the master cleanse much easier to transition to.

    I don't know what your book recommends but the site recommended starting with a raw fruit and vegetables diet 3 days prior to your cleanse, followed by a juice and soup broth diet, followed by a day of nothing but glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice mixed 50/50 with water and an optional tbsp maple syrup if more energy for daily activity was needed. On the 4th day you start the cleanse and then ease back out the same way in reverse.

    Sounds like your doing good. Keep it up :)

    1. TMC, The book does talk about easing into the cleanse but I eat pretty clean. Only decaf (traces of caffeine but not enough to give me withdrawal headaches) and we mostly cook from scratch so mostly low fat (although I do looove cheese). The book recommends easing out of it. On the first day off, she says to drink orange juice. On the second day, add a vegetable soup (the book includes a recipe), and then the next day some steamed veggies. I always drink my orange juice watered down, which she recommends, so that should be a piece of cake for me.

      Mmmmm . . . caaaaake.