Wednesday, March 18, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 11

I want to take a moment and sing Coach Stephanie’s praises.  She was assigned to me when I joined teambeachbody.  I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would she be pushy?  And if so, how?  Would she push me to work harder?  Buy more products?  Do more?  Be more?  Or would she be silent, hard to reach, uncommunicative?

As it is, she is the perfect amount of encouragement and advice.  I have had to reach out to her a couple of times and she cheers me on without trying to push me to do/buy/be more.  If you’re thinking about buying 21 Day Fix or any of the other beachbody products and have any questions, I would encourage you to reach out to her.  I’m confident she’ll help you much as she has helped me.


Today was Pilates Fix day in the 21 Day Fix program and I can honestly say it felt better today.  Better does not mean I enjoyed it, that I wasn’t wincing in pain, or that I wasn’t frustrated with my loss of flexibility.  But I finished it as best I could. Truth is, I’m thinking of doubling up the workouts next week and Pilates is one of the workouts I’d like to tackle more than once next week.  Why, if I find it so difficult, would I want to do it more than once? It is precisely because I find it so challenging that I want to push myself to do it more than once, to feel better, stronger, safer doing it over all.

No bike.  No yoga.  The drywall guy is here today and I knew he would be here early. He might leave early.  If he does, I’ll use the bike later.  If he doesn’t, I’ll just consider this a “rest” day.  (Yes, I am considering 30 minutes of exercise a rest day.)

Need new pants


I’m on day 2 of making sure I eat all the yellow container foods for breakfast and lunch. I also end up eating all of the day’s fruit by lunchtime as well.  I wish I could tell how (if) this is having a positive impact on my energy but I have been sleeping so poorly the past few days that it’s hard to say.  Stupid night sweats. *sigh*


It’s good to see even a small improvement in what I can do from one week to the next.  And I’m feeling more confident in how and what I eat.  I can feel a difference but I can’t say that my clothes are fitting better.  Yet.  Always yet.  It’s a matter of time and 1.5 weeks isn’t going undo months of weight problems. Plus, I’m ready for the renovations to be finished so I can really get to work not only on my physical health but also on my physical space.  I think so much of my mood will be improved when I can actually live in my home again. 

Any day now . . .


  1. I think being able to live comfortably in your home will be a big improvement for you. It's so much easier when you can stay with a routine.

    1. Just to be able to move through our home again will be a pleasure. Eating dinner at the table and having space in the guest room for guests . . . I am trying to be patient but it feels like forever!