Thursday, March 19, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 12


Another day when I didn’t do yoga and the bike.  The drywall guy is coming so early and Rob is working.  The two combined results in my not having as much free time in my morning as I am accustomed to having.  I had thought that I might get some biking in later in the day but the guy didn’t leave until after 6pm and I have to keep an eye on the dogs, especially Holly, so I have to get in my workout before Rob walks out the door.

21 Day Fix had me doing Cardio Fix today.  No equipment for this one although I forgot I would need a towel for the “bonus” exercise. I definitely have to slow things down during the standing oblique exercise because that challenges my balance more than anything else in this workout. Everything else I modify, not going quite so deep, stepping things out, etc. 


Day two of following her meal plan distribution precisely and I was famished most of the day.  I wanted more. More more more more more more. Albeit, I didn’t sleep well the night before and was feeling a little sleepy.  There’s no telling why I was so ravenous.  Hopefully today I will be able to resist the urge to eat everything in sight. I succeeded yesterday but don’t know if I can pull off two days in a row.


I can’t believe I’m closing in on the end of week two.  That’s just crazy.  I’m so glad Rob suggested that I just move the furniture around a bit and do my exercises in the living room.  I’ve woken him up a couple of times but he hasn’t complained.  Just closed the door a little and I kept going.

The renovations progress . . .  sloooowly.  Yesterday the very talkative drywall guy was here and he will be back today, hopefully a little less talkative.  When he is finished, there are two days of doing nothing, waiting for the patching and such to dry out.  Then we paint. Only, Rob and I haven’t quite narrowed down our choices. We’re waiting on some larger samples to arrive and then we’ll be better able to see what the choices we made will look like in sunlight and dim, at night with the lights on and off.  And if Rob and I can’t narrow down our choices, then we’ll just give our two favorite shades to the landlords and let them make the final decision.  I’m not above passing the buck, especially given that Rob and I both really like the colors we’ve chosen so it’s not like we’d get stuck with another color we absolutely hate (like the color the walls are now).


  1. It seems like you are coming along pretty well. Of course, being ravenous could be a problem!

    1. I may move up a level. In the program, they have broken up how much you can eat based on your current weight so the less you weigh, the fewer containers you get through the day. But the information is pretty clear that it's okay to go up a level if you need. Yes, you may slow down the weight loss but if you need more food, you need more, right? I'm going to stick with the plan I am on now, because things are still such a mess around here. But I think when I go through the 21 days a second time, which I do plan on doing, I may go up one level which will add some veggies, protein, and starch/carbs. Rob, because he's maintaining rather than trying to lose, would get more than I am, if he were on the plan. He is sort of circling the idea but not quite ready to commit. I think if I start showing signs of not just losing weight but toning up, he'll be on board. But I have to lose more weight before that actually happens!

    2. I hope Rob does decide to get on board. It always helps to have someone else along. I think it's smart to make adjustments you can live with. If you want to stay with it you need to be reasonably happy with it.

    3. Well, he's been working a lot the past week. The renovations being finished will make a big difference. In the meantime, I'm just going to focus on doing what I can do and worry about our doing things together when we can actually move around.