Saturday, March 21, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 14


Today’s 21 Day Fix is the Yoga Fix and I am once again reminded how very much I love yoga.  My balance isn’t the best today so I absolutely bobbled.  In Crescent. In Warrior I.  In Tree.  I just wiggled and bobbled.  I love it when Autumn says to trust your body to find the balance.  I can trust my body to throw me off balance.  But I know most of the people using 21 Day Fix are not living with a balance disorder, fighting to hold a pose with cervical vertigo.  And that’s okay.   As Autumn says, and as I well know from years of doing yoga, this is about a mind-body connection.  It’s not about pushing yourself past where you are but exploring that point, the present moment, and honoring your body both in what it can do and what it cannot.

I skipped my other yoga practice today, knowing I’d be doing Yoga Fix.  As promised, I used the bike yesterday and may or may not do so again today. 


Can you believe, yesterday I didn’t eat all of the containers?  After a couple of days of being ravenous, I had pretty much decided that, come the next ravenous day, I would allow myself one more salad.  (This is what is encouraged in the food guide, by the way, to have an extra green.)  And then yesterday I didn’t even use much of the blue and missed an entire red altogether.  Oops. 

Next week, I’ll be focusing more on food, sharing pictures of the things I’ve been eating while doing the 21 Day Fix.  I mean, I can’t just keep blabbering on and on about the exercise, can I?  Well, maybe I can but I am going to try to mix it up a bit for you. 

Today I’m meeting a friend for coffee.  I have already decided that I shall have a cup of coffee and maybe a cup of tea, if I really must treat myself to something extra.  Have you ever had vanilla mints?  They were quite popular for a while but I haven’t seen them around as much lately.  Regardless, I looooved them and one day it occurred to me to try something special.  I added a dash of vanilla syrup to my peppermint tea. It was sublime!  So if watching Kanika have a bagel or pastry or some other bit of decadence I’m trying to avoid becomes too much, I shall order myself a cup of peppermint tea.  With a bit of sugar free vanilla syrup.  I think I’ve earned it, don’t you?


I can’t wait for tomorrow’s weigh-in.  I definitely feel stronger, better, tighter.  Today I woke up with achiness again for the first time this week.  Remember how I said I might double up this week if I didn’t feel any achiness? Well, I’m sticking by that promise.  I will not double up every day.  However, on the days when the program adds the Pilates Fix (which is one of the workouts I especially loathe) or the Abs Fix, I will double up.  If I remember the schedule correctly, that means I’ll be doubling up thrice.  In the meantime, come back tomorrow to see if I’ve lost any weight this week.   


  1. Vanilla mints - are they kind of like wedding mints - the pastel colored mints that melt in your mouth? Mmmm, I love those, but I swore off sugar a year ago, so no more wedding mints for me. Sugar free vanilla syrup in peppermint teas sounds delish though. I love the flavor of peppermint, I even like to add fresh leaves to my iced (unsweet) tea in the summertime.

    1. Yes, they are kinda like those only the texture was different (less flaky) and the vanilla a bit more pronounced. I love adding mint to my water in summer and my tea as well. Just an easy way to take something plain and make it special. If you try peppermint tea with vanilla in it (you can always use vanilla extract even), you'll have to tell me what you think.