Monday, March 23, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 16


I woke up feeling just a wee bit sore, so my morning yoga felt so glorious.  Just perfect!

After my yoga, I rested a bit before jumping into 21 Day Fix.  Today was Upper Body Fix and, if I were to follow the recommended doubling, I would have also done Cardio Fix.  Instead, I chose to do the Abs Fix.  Not sure what happened during the second set of Bicycles.  I felt a pinch of a nerve in my shoulder and immediately back off so I didn’t do the second set of bicycles but I did the bonus exercises (modifying along with Kat).

I did not use the bike at all, yesterday.  Today, I really need to hit it.  The last time I used the bike, my knee was not very happy but, when I use the bike regularly, my knee doesn’t bother me at all.  I guess I’m still hoping that I’ve rehabilitated it enough to have moved on but that is not happening.  Not yet.  Maybe not ever. But I want to be pain free and using the bike for 30 minutes is a small price to pay for being free from pain.


Because of Rob’s diabetes, we’re very aware of portion sizes but I am realizing that I haven’t been very good about having a balanced diet.  I am not a big fan of fresh fruit or fruit in general so I can go days and weeks without.  Don’t get me wrong.  I actually love eating fruit; it’s just not my go-to food of choice and, as a result, I bypass it for other foods.  On this plan, however, I make a conscious effort every day to eat fruit.  And I’m loving it.  I really am.  I’m beginning to think that maybe the reason I didn’t eat fresh fruit because I was being a mother, sacrificing my own diet to ensure there is enough for my loved ones.  Time for me to get over that, given that Rob is the only loved one still living here and he likes seeing me enjoy good food.

I emailed Coach Stephanie and asked her about Food Exchanges. Have you noticed that some recipes have a food exchange under the nutrition? Many diabetes cookbooks have these.  As I was doing the menu planning for the week, I realized that maybe the food exchanges at the end of the recipes corresponded with the containers.  It would make sense, wouldn’t it?  I asked Stephanie and, sure enough, she said they do.  This makes using the containers even easier.  I was already mixing things up a bit, tossing some fruit into my salads or combining carbs with protein.  I guess Rob and I have done this enough that I can guess how a recipe adds up without feeling overwhelmed.  Anyway, I definitely don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything tasty.


I really really really want to do my measurements but I am resisting the urge, not wanting to take them until I finish the full 21 days.  I gave into temptation yesterday and I did measure my waist.  So I can say for certain that I have lost something above and beyond weight. Bonus:  I measured my waist with my shirt on, which I obviously didn’t do when I originally took my measurements!  Next Sunday, I’ll give the official end of the 21 days before and after measurements—weight and inches lost.  I’ll also be making a couple of announcements and such, as promised. Oh boy!   


  1. How great you found something that is actually working.

    1. Last year when I was doing the boot camp, I had similar success. But it is too expensive and I couldn't afford to do it after my "scholarship" membership was up. Disappointing at the time, of course, so I'm thrilled I've found something that works for me and didn't cost an arm and a leg.