Tuesday, March 24, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 17


Yoga already this morning and bike a little later.  I did the 21 Day Fix Lower Body Fix this morning using 5 lbs and it was great!  I was literally dripping sweat!  When I started, my hands were a little cold and I was wearing layers but I peeled them off before I even began.  Love these workouts!!!  Even modified, they are not easy.


While doing the Master Cleanse, I mentioned that I was surprised to find that there were times when I was eating more out of habit than hunger.  I would grab a little something to nosh whenever I fed the dogs or started making dinner or . . . well, there were several times a day when I realized I reached for something out of habit. 

Now I find myself looking at the containers, considering what I want to eat and what I need to eat.  Fruit seems to be the one food I don’t reach for as often as I do vegetables and cheese.  Now I am enjoying two servings of fruit a day (although I do miss my cheese).  With four servings of protein a day, I can easily have protein at every meal and for a snack or just have a protein shake.  The hardest part may be the 3 portions of vegetables a day.  I like vegetables.  I want to eat them more.  So on days when I am feeling hungrier, I eat an extra salad.  (And when I am not really eager to eat fruit, I add some to my salad.  I sneak my fruit in my veggies.  LOL!)


When I remember to do so, I measure my ketones and I’m still burning fat each and every day.  I love that I am able to double up the exercises and feel the ache in my muscles but not be so sore I can’t move.  That’s definitely the best kind of progress!  When I do these DVDs again, I will begin immediately using the light weights and, depending on how I feel, I’ll be doubling up by week three again.  Who knows, maybe by my third or fourth time through, I’ll be using heavier weights and doubling up!


  1. I think most of us eat more out of habit than hunger. I know I do.

    1. Betty, I think I just assumed that because we eat at scheduled times of the day that I was more aware of what I ate throughout the day. It's curious to step back and see just how mistaken I really was.