Wednesday, March 25, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 18

Today's Breakfast


Yoga ♥ ♥ ♥
21 Day Fix Pilates Fix 
Bike 7.2 miles / 14.7 rpm

Last night's dinner

Last night Rob and I made a slow cooker pork tenderloin with apples and served it with some mashed sweet potatoes.  So delicious, I cannot even describe it. Better still, the recipe came with a “leftovers” recipe, in this case a berry filled salad with homemade raspberry vinaigrette.  Remember how I said yesterday I like to add fruit to my salads to sneak them into my daily diet?  Well, you can imagine why I would be thrilled to my toes that today I can do that with no effort on my part whatsoever!

The salad recipe has further suggestions for variations.  If berries are not in season and/or are too expensive, peaches or plums, even sweet bell peppers or pears, can be used. I love a recipe that has so much versatility and this one definitely has that.  

Leftovers in salad

I hit an emotional wall yesterday. I was feeling dizzier than usual and that had me feeling less than great about myself and life. Then my kindle died.  It’s so silly, really.  I mean, I don’t want or even need the top of the line ereader and am content with the most basic version.  And yet, it just bugs me that it isn’t working.  Because of how I felt physically, I didn’t use the bike. I pushed myself not to slack off too much today and used the bike before lunch. Even if I am having another bad vertigo day (and I kinda am), I will have done what I want to do before my body won’t cooperate.

The thing is, at this point I should be used to these two steps forward, three steps back moments.  I know there is no cure. I know that when the seasons change—especially winter to spring and summer to autumn—I struggle more than usual to maintain my balance.  None of this should come as a surprise after nearly a decade.  And yet . . .

No carpet until Tuesday


  1. Food! That's making me hungry! Boy, your room is coming along now!

    1. Yes. Food! I wanted to give some idea of what the 21 Day Fix meal plan looks like. And a picture's worth 1000 words, right? I am so happy with the way the room looks now. I've always hated the other color so this pale blue makes me eager for the next stage of renovations to be done. Tuesday we get carpet. Yay!

  2. That dinner sounds awesome. Hope you can replace your kindle sooner than later.

    1. Angie, I hope I can replace it soon as well. I have a few books on there for which I am obligated to give book reviews. If I had an iPad, I could simply use the kindle app but no such luck. So I'll just have to keep hoping.

  3. The food pics are wonderful! Satia, not every day will be a great day, emotionally. But by eating right and exercising, you will feel at least a bit better.

    1. Today I'm too tired to feel much of anything but sleepy but you are absolutely right, Suko. I definitely feel better for having accomplished good things for my health.