Thursday, March 26, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 19

Breakfast:  steelcut oats


I had insomnia last night (thanks to night sweats) and Rob had an early start to his work day. As a result, I chose to skip yoga and get right to using the bike.  Holly gets fussy when I use it and I was hoping she would not be awake enough to interrupt my using the bike. She cooperated so I was able to get 7.1 miles in this morning. I took the dogs out, fed them, took them out again, then did 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix.  I am already seeing improvement!  I went deeper on the lateral squat.  Still struggling with some of the plank exercises but I pushed through.  Yes, I exercised in spite of my not sleeping well.  Yes, I exercised in spite of my being super dizzy today.  Yes, I held onto the wall while doing the standing oblique exercises.  But yes, I did it.  I did it.  I did it!

Meal 2:  chicken and sweet potatoes


When you start 21 Day Fix, it’s recommended that you do the 3 Day Quick Fix.  Six simple meals spread out throughout the day.  Steamed veggies can be boring after a day or two.  And two servings of grilled chicken a day can also be dull. And let’s not forget the egg whites.  Bland. But I love using herbs and spices so I can easily mix up the flavors which keeps me from ever getting bored. 

When I did it at the beginning of this 21 day adventure, I found myself missing only one thing:  the crunch of fresh vegetables.  You can imagine how enthusiastic I was to finally have a salad as part of my daily diet!  I was looking through the materials that come with the DVDs and I read the following:   
we also suggest integrating it into the end of your 21 Day Fix, starting with Day 19

Uh oh.  Guess what?  I started my 19th day today and if I hadn’t noticed that, I might have missed repeating the 3 Day Quick Fix.  In any event, I’m back on the 3 Day Quick Fix now.  The pictures of my food may not change quite so much but it will still give you an idea of how much you would eat to start with if you were to follow the program as it is designed.  I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t do the 3 Day Quick Fix, not even at the start.  But I wanted to give this my all and my all is what I’m giving.

Meal 3:  steamed cod and broccoli


No real progress update but I had to share something.  I picked up P90 for Rob and I was hoping he would be working the day it arrived.   But then I figured, if he happened to be home, that would be okay.  I could just say that it is an anniversary gift, which it is, and tuck the box where he wouldn’t snoop for it.  (Rob is much better about not snooping than I am, that’s for sure.)  Yesterday the box arrived and . . . well, it was pretty obvious what had arrived.  Naturally, he immediately knew who it was for.  So there was on anniversary surprise ruined.  Never fear!  I actually have something else for him.  But shhhhh . . . don’t tell him.  

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