Sunday, March 15, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 8

One Week Ends, Another Begins

I lost 1.2 lbs.  However, I think some of that is water weight because, had my weekly weigh-in been yesterday, I would have lost 2.4.  But I always say, any loss is a good loss. And since my goal is to lose 1 lb a week, this is a success.  I’m still not where I had hoped to be by this time, not having lost 1 lb per week throughout 2015.  I have only lost 5 lbs this year but 20% of that was lost this week. See?  Success!

This will be the first week I do the entire 7 days of workouts, now that I have a replacement disk in hand.  I’ve tracked my workouts from last week, as you all know.  I did not use weights for most of last week but plan on doing so, where needed, this week. Today is the first day I do not feel stiff in my quads but my triceps are still sore.

Weights are not the only thing I’ll be adding this week. After yesterday’s yoga, I realize that I need to add yoga back into my daily practice. 


Yoga first.  I will be using the same yoga practice every morning:  Yoga AM and PM with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. This is simply the best beginner’s yoga DVD I’ve ever found. It’s only 20 minutes long. You’ll want or need a yoga strap (or you can use a towel), a mat (obviously), a yoga block, and a blanket you can fold.  (I use a throw blanket but you can buy a yoga blanket, if you like.) 

A little later, I grabbed my weights and did today’s 21 Day Fix:  Full Body Cardio Fix.  I chose a light weight, just to be safe and modified the Surrenders as planned. I managed to power through the entire workout, although my reps on the knee pulls was slower than expected.  I am not going to blame my balance altogether but I can’t deny that my balance slowed me down a bit. Oh well.  I definitely was sweating!

And then I used the bike.  Yep.  I rehydrated after doing 21 Day Fix, did some housework, took the dogs out for another round of fresh air, before jumping onto the bike.  Needless to say, at this point I considered myself done for the day.  Wouldn’t you? 


I was a little lax with using the containers yesterday and didn’t record my full day’s meals on my tally sheet. But I’m on it today.  It isn’t even that hard to keep up with them but I guess I was feeling a bit lax.  And who knows?  Maybe that’s why I retained some water. Lesson learned. Next week, I’ll share more of my daily diet, when I have less to about how I’m eating. 


I feel more confident using 21 Day Fix than I did last week, obviously, since I have worked through most of the workouts already and can better anticipate where to modify and how.  I am sooooo tempted to take my measurements too but I am going to hold out for two more weeks. I can do that, right?  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I’m very proud of myself and the effort I have made to get through this first week. 


  1. Yeah!! The weight loss is happening! Just keep going.

    1. Yes, weight loss. And I was right about the water weight. Woke up today and another 1.2 lbs gone. Not feeling overly sore even though yesterday I added weights. I really think this is a great set of DVDs.

  2. My weight loss seems sl slow, but if I keep going down I will be okay with it. It seems as though you are getting a nice variety of exercise and food.

    1. Betty, Last night I wrote something in my notebook I knew I would share in today's blog post. I think you'll like what I wrote. Maybe. I hope.