Sunday, March 29, 2015

21 Day Fix Results


Can you imagine what those numbers might have been had I been able to do the high impact moves?  I’m still in a kind of shock at those numbers.  And I didn’t lose anything in my chest!  Not a single inch!  Not even a fraction of an inch!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that I’ll be doing 21 Day Fix again starting on 6 April.  Reflecting on my experience with doing this the past 21 days, I have a game plan in place.  I started last time using no weights during the first week then added only 3 lb weights during the second week.  Then I added a second pair of weights and even did a couple of days doubling up the workouts.

This time around, I’ll begin at 3 & 5 lbs with the intention of doing double workouts every day the last week.  Round 2 will probably be followed by Round 3 and however many more rounds it takes for me to reach my goal, increasing my weights gradually.  I’ll continue using the bike and doing my morning yoga. I’ll be active, taking care of my knee by using the bike and continuing to push myself to lose weight. 

So yes, this week’s weigh-in is impressive.  Next Saturday is my birthday.  I don’t plan on being disciplined on my birthday.  I will exercise but I won’t watch what I eat.  I won’t even track what I eat.  I’ll enjoy what I eat, be indulgent every minute.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of buying 21 Day Fix for yourself, please contact the awesome Coach Stephanie.  I won’t become a Beachbody coach but I’m happy to send other people to this lovely young woman who encouraged me in my 21 day journey and who I know will be there to encourage you as well.   
Coach Stephanie:

And there will be TWO announcements, one tomorrow and one the day after.


  1. Wow!!! Such great results! I have lost 7 1/2 pounds too, but it has taken me 5 weeks. If it is working for you like that, you definitely should keep going with it.

    1. Betty, I am amazed by the numbers. Truly unexpected. And you're losing too! Yay! I know how committed you are to your health so I am thrilled you are having success!

  2. Yes. Thanks! It's your year to be healthy again!

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    1. Angie, I am pretty amazed. While I may not look like the models in the infomercials, I am blown away with my results.

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    1. Yay! I can comment on my own blog! I had refresh four times before it worked. Sheesh!

      Betty, All I can see are two question marks. But I'll bet you put something really cute and encouraging. So glad I've decided to migrate my blog. :-/

  5. Way to go! :) So proud of you and all your hard work!
    Thanks for the recommendation

    1. Stephanie, You've been great and very helpful. I don't know if I'll be coming to you with random questions during my second time through but you never know. :)