Sunday, March 01, 2015

Master Cleanse Day 3

This is the book that I've reviewed and why I'm doing the cleanse.

On my third day, I woke up and noticed I was able to breathe.  Normally, I wake up with a slightly stuffed nose, sometimes one side completely stuffed up.  But I woke up able to breathe easily and with no need to blow my nose.  When you consider how much dust and dirt there is around here as a result of the renovations, this was quite a surprise.

This was not the only pleasant surprise. I won’t say I didn’t experience some hunger throughout the day.  However, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with hunger.  Westen encourages drinking some of the blend every time you feel hungry which is precisely what I do.  And I’m drinking a lot of water as well.  Between the two, I seem to be doing well. 

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, my joints were beginning to ache and throb.  This is supposed to be one of the numerous signs of your body’s detoxing.  On the plus side, it’s also supposed to pass.  I simply need to drink plenty of water, which I can easily do because that’s what I have been doing.

Today is my weekly weigh-in and, one of the so-called benefits of doing the Master Cleanse, is weight loss.  Bear in mind, the author of the book did say that I’ll likely regain whatever weight I lose so I am not too attached to the results.  Yes, I lost 0.8 lb (0.45 kg) but, let’s be honest, I could have lost that while enjoying salads and eggs and roasted chicken and . . . I’m making myself hungrier.  Anyway, so far the only benefit I’ve experienced from the cleanse has been a clearer nasal passage but everything says that on Day 4 it all really kicks in.  More energy.  Clarity.  And I’ll start burning fat for fuel. I’m checking my ketone levels and hope to see evidence of this last one because I know for sure I don’t feel more energetic or focused just yet. 

So onto Day 4 when I should and hope to start reaping what I’m slowly sowing . . . or sipping, as it were.

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