Monday, March 02, 2015

Master Cleanse Day 4

Holly in empathy

I slept better last night. The aches in my joints seem to have subsided. But oh the dreams!  I had a dream that I was eating a bag of onion sour cream potato chips with a sour cream onion dip.  Seriously?  I’m dreaming about food?  Yes. I’m dreaming about food.   I also woke up yesterday with a snuffy nose so there went the one and only benefit I was experiencing of the MC.  Oops! Oh well.  But now now now is when things get better.  Or so says Westen. 

The author of Master Cleanse Made Easy also says that, if you experience diarrhea, which I was, stop drinking the SWF and the Smooth Move tea.  Now, let’s face it—the SWF is not a thrill but the tea is delicious.  So yay and bah humbug.  With that said, I’ll give up the tea because it’s not as delicious as not having diarrhea.

Hmmm . . . I seem to be talking in food and hunger metaphors. Not a coincidence, I’m sure.

Anyway, I was super tired on my 4th day.  Disappointing.  I read a little but I’m not as immersed in the book as I would like so I drifted into watching movies on television.  Old movie musicals.  Perfect mindless fluff for a sleepy and unfocused brain.  Today I am on Day 5.  By day’s end I’ll have made it halfway through.  But if the diarrhea returns, according to Westen I should stop the MC.  Not sure if we should cross our fingers for the diarrhea to stay away or return.  I’ll let you decide what you’re crossing your fingers for and let you know whether I’m still on the cleanse or not tomorrow!


  1. It still sounds interesting. I hope to hear that you have something good come from the days of deprivation and diarrhea.

    1. Betty, You can read about it in today's post. No spoilers. ;)