Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Master Cleanse Day 5

Lovely & gentle practice.
And thus the Master Cleanse comes to an end.

I don’t need to explain why if you read yesterday’s blog post.  Today I’ll begin transitioning out of the cleanse just as the book carefully describes.  I’ll add diluted orange juice to my diet today.  I always dilute orange juice anyway because it’s too sweet, too intense, for me.  I’ll also continue to take it easy with my exercise.  Yesterday I did a lovely Qi Gong practice and will likely do the same today.   

The renovations pretty much stagnate. Nothing has been done since Thursday.  The wood to replace the floor arrived yesterday but the contractor only moved it from the driveway to the back of the house. He never actually entered the house.  I can only hope he will return today and do something.  After the floor is laid, we wait for the carpeting before finally returning all of the furniture to the room.  And life, such as I know it, will return to normal.  I’ll be able to exercise and meditate and do oh-so-much-more with impunity. 

At this point, I’ll just be happy when I can walk through my entire house without bumping into a misplaced piece of furniture.  Cramming 1/3 our home’s furniture into the remaining 2/3 of living space has made movement difficult.  Not to mention, no dog crates which means that I am pretty much housebound until the room is done. You can only imagine how desperate I am to have some freedom, both within my walls and without!

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